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Even though we’re only about halfway through April, I decided I want to talk about what middle grade books I want to read in May. Each year we do a middle grade May readathon in the TBR and Beyond Facebook group I help moderate. It’s a fun time each year and here is my TBR. Let’s take a look!

Roll for Initiative – Jaime Formato

So I actually bought Roll for Initiative for middle grade May last year, but didn’t get to it. It is one I’m still really curious about. I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons and it’s fun, so I love the idea of our main character using it as a way to becoming more confident and finding her voice.

Amari and the Great Game – B.B. Alston

Another book I actually got last year to read for this exact reason, haha. I loved Amari and the Night Brothers and should’ve read this sequel by now. Amari is about to experience her first full summer as a Junior Agent and I have a feeling it won’t go as smoothly as she expects. The third book in this series is releasing later this year, so the perfect time to catch up.

Let It Glow – Marissa Meyer & Joanne Levy

Yes, I know it’s only going to be May, but I love holiday themed books. I have an eARC of Let It Glow and I can’t resist the chance to read this one really early before its October release. Our main characters discover that they’re not only siblings, but twins. They are curious about how the other celebrates the holidays, so they secretly trade lives.

Just a Pinch of Magic – Alechia Dow

I think middle grade May this year is definitely a year of catch up, haha. Just a Pinch of Magic is another book I really wanted to read last year. A magical bakery and a spell gone wrong? Sounds like a book right up my alley.

Dead Voices – Katherine Arden

Small Spaces is still my favorite spooky middle grade story and I still haven’t continued the series. Dead Voices is the second book and I believe it’s been on my nightstand to read since last May, haha. It’s time for me to dive into this one, so I can read the third and fourth book as well.


Here are five books I’ll definitely be reading during middle grade May! I know I’ll read more, but I’m a big fan of mood reading, so I want to leave some of my options open. Do you read middle grade books? Any favorites? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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