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It’s May and in the bookish world, that means it’s Middle Grade May! That made me take a look at my shelves to figure out what I wanted to read. Looking at my shelves, I realized, I had a lot more unread middle grade books on my shelves than I thought. That’s why I want to share my middle grade back log today. Hopefully I can post an update in a few months and have a lot of these read. Let’s take a look!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Rick Riordan

I got the box set of these five books for Christmas in 2016. If I think about it, I don’t know why I haven’t read them. They really interest me. I’ve even seen the movies of the first two and I’m hoping the books are better! Hopefully I can read them soon.

The Second Story – Neil Patrick Harris

The Magic Misfits was such a fun and cute story and I was actually shocked when I found of that Neil Patrick Harris was the author. The magic tricks and lessons throughout the book were a really nice touch. I need to play catch up with The Second Story. Book three is already available and the fourth book releases this year!

Flunked – Jen Calonita

I actually bought this for middle grade May two years ago. A couple of friends really enjoyed it and Fairy Tale Reform School sounds really interesting. It’s not that long, so I’ll have it done in no time.

The Wishing Spell, The Enchantress Returns & A Grimm Warning – Chris Colfer

Chris Colfer is an actor I loved in Glee and it was exciting to see that he wrote a series. I have the first three, because I accidentally bought the third before the first two. There are some mixed reviews, but they seem to be something I’d like!

Keeper of the Lost Cities – Shannon Messenger

Keeper of the Lost Cities is a series I see everywhere in the bookish community! There are 7 or 8 books now that keep on getting bigger and bigger. I really hope I love this book, so I can order the rest of the series that’s available.

Click’d & Swap’d – Tamara Ireland Stone

I’ve read a YA book by Tamara Ireland Stone and really enjoyed it, so her middle grade series made me curious. A friend read and loved the first book, so I’m excited. And look how cute the covers are!

The School for Good and Evil – Soman Chainani

Isabelle is actually the one who recommended this one. She loves this series. A school for good and evil sounds interesting and books that take place at school are a favorite of mine. There is this trilogy and a spinoff now, so I have a lot to go if I end up loving it as well.

Everyday Angel – Victoria Schwab

I was really surprised when I found out that City of Ghosts wasn’t the first middle grade book that Victoria Schwab wrote. This trilogy was recently bundled in one book and sounds really cute. I love the cover!

A Pinch of Magic & A Sprinkle of Sorcery – Michelle Harrison

If I’m completely honest, these were cover buys at first (well put on a wish list for my birthday). When the second book released, I saw these everywhere online. The story sounds really good and I’m excited to start reading A Pinch of Magic this month.

Tilly & the Bookwanderers – Anna James

I’ve said it before, but I love books that are about books or have characters that love books. Characters that can come to life make it sound like this will be a great adventure. If I like this, there’s already a sequel for me to get my hands on.

The Wizards of Once & Twice Magic – Cressida Cowell

I have the first two books of this trilogy and I have to say the illustrations look amazing! It’s interesting that the author also wrote How to Train Your Dragon. I loved those movies and only recently found out it’s actually a book series. Again, a few friends loved these, so I’m excited!

Tunnel of Bones – V.E. Schwab

I loved City of Ghosts and have been wanting to read Tunnel of Bones for awhile. I received this one for Christmas and hope to dive in soon! The third book has been delayed I believe, so I want to make sure to wait and enjoy this one a lot!

Winterhouse & The Secrets of Winterhouse –

A friend of mine read and loved this series and it sounds so cute. Just look at the covers!! Part of me wants to wait until it’s winter again to read these, but I don’t think I’ll be able to wait that long!


I have a total of 25 unread middle grade books on my shelves and they all sound so good! If you’ve read any of these, let me know what you thought! Maybe it’ll help me choose which one to pick up first!

3 thoughts on “Bookish Item| My Middle Grade Backlog

  1. I’m reading a ton of Middle Grade this month. I can’t believe how many I had sitting on my shelves, unread. Although, with everyone’s posts, I’m also adding a lot I want to read. LOL! I love the covers to the Pinch of Magic series!! They are only available through third party on amazon right now or I would buy them. I am in the second book of the Land of Stories. I read the first one years ago and then I never continued. I also got them for my love of Chris Colfer on Glee! I also have the Percy Jackson boxed set and never started them but I will this month!!

  2. I love Middle Grade books. The Percy Jackson series is a great one. I think you’ve inspired me to read the second book in the The School for Good and Evil series. It has been sitting on my shelf for ages.

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