Show Sunday | My Lady Jane

I already mentioned it in Friday’s post but this past week I have been watching the My Lady Jane tv show on Prime Video. Somehow I completely missed that this show was coming at all but I saw a couple of people post about it and I turned on my tv as fast as I could. I adore the My Lady Jane book so of course I wanted to see the show, but I was also a bit scared. Let’s see if the show lived up to what I hoped it would be! Continue reading “Show Sunday | My Lady Jane”

Show Sunday | Daisy Jones and the Six

I’ve been talking about this show non-stop so of course I had to do a whole post about it haha. Since the end of February I’ve listened to the audiobook twice, watched the show and I’ve had the album on repeat on Spotify. You can probably guess I liked it ;). But if you want to know a bit more details you should keep on reading!
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Show Sunday | Defending Jacob

The book Defending Jacob has been on my wishlist forever and at this point I’m assuming I’m not going to read it anymore haha. However, I was excited to see the tv show was here and I decided to just dive in without reading the book (I know, it’s crazy haha). At the moment I’m writing this, the first 3 episodes are out. Let’s dive in!
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Show Sunday | Deadly Class

A couple of week ago the first episode of Deadly Class was released and I had been looking forward to it for quite a while! After watching the first episode I decided I wanted to talk about it to you all and possibly bring it on to your radar. This tv show is based on the graphic novels by Rick Remender and Wes Craig. Let’s get into it! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Deadly Class”