Show Sunday | My Apple TV To Watch List – Movie Edition

My last Show Sunday was about the shows on Apple TV I wanted to watch. But I also have some movies on Apple TV I really want to watch. Because of all the moving I haven’t been watching anything, but I do hope to watch some of these as soon as everything calms down. Which should be in a week or 2! Let’s take a look at those movies! Continue reading “Show Sunday | My Apple TV To Watch List – Movie Edition”

Show Sunday | My Apple TV To Watch List – Show Edition

While I haven’t been watching a lot of shows lately, I do still have a to watch list that’s a mile long haha. Today I wanted to share which shows I have on my Apple TV to watch list. I feel like -some of- these shows hardly get any attention. Let’s give them some attention today!
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Show Sunday | Ted Lasso

This summer my American friend introduced me to Ted Lasso. We started watching a couple of episodes and before I knew it I had watched the whole show. While the show has gotten fairly popular, I haven’t heard that many people talk about it. Today I want to share my thoughts and hopefully get some more people interested ;).
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Show Sunday | First Impression: Black Bird

Last week I saw an ad for Black Bird and I decided to take a look. Taron Egerton plays one of the main characters and I really like him as an actor so I was immediately interested. The story also sounded interesting so I watched the first two episodes. And today I wanted to share my first impression, so let’s take a look! Continue reading “Show Sunday | First Impression: Black Bird”

Show Sunday | Defending Jacob

The book Defending Jacob has been on my wishlist forever and at this point I’m assuming I’m not going to read it anymore haha. However, I was excited to see the tv show was here and I decided to just dive in without reading the book (I know, it’s crazy haha). At the moment I’m writing this, the first 3 episodes are out. Let’s dive in!
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