Show Sunday | Daisy Jones and the Six

I’ve been talking about this show non-stop so of course I had to do a whole post about it haha. Since the end of February I’ve listened to the audiobook twice, watched the show and I’ve had the album on repeat on Spotify. You can probably guess I liked it ;). But if you want to know a bit more details you should keep on reading!

Following the rise of rock band Daisy Jones and The Six through the 1970s Los Angeles music scene on their quest for worldwide icon status.

The tv show has 10 episodes and you can watch them all on Amazon Prime. They’ve adapted the whole book, so there won’t be a second season. And that wouldn’t really make sense anyway (although I wouldn’t mind just one glimpse in the future!).

Like I said, this is an adaption of the book by the same title and as far as adaptations go I think this was a really good one! There were some things they changed but most of them were pretty minor and didn’t bother me. I guess the main thing I was disappointed by, was the fact that they removed one of the band members from the story. The story still worked but it felt weird not having him!

In the last episode they also changed something. And that did change the storyline a little bit. I guess in the end it didn’t really matter, but I liked the way it was done in the book more. I’m super curious to see what everyone else thinks of that though!

The tv show meant we were getting the songs from the book and I was so happy about that.  They did change some of the lyrics unfortunately but the songs are really great. Like I said, I have been listening to them on repeat and I still keep finding new favorites haha.

Overall I really enjoyed this show. They portrayed the characters so well and I loved the visuals. I will say, there seemed to be more drugs, sex and Rock’nRoll in the book compared to the show. So you might want to lower your expectations in that regard a little bit. Other than that, I think you will love it if you enjoyed the book or if you’re a fan of shows about music! Let me know if you plan on watching the show or if you already have watched. I would love to discuss it in the comments!

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