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I already mentioned it in Friday’s post but this past week I have been watching the My Lady Jane tv show on Prime Video. Somehow I completely missed that this show was coming at all but I saw a couple of people post about it and I turned on my tv as fast as I could. I adore the My Lady Jane book so of course I wanted to see the show, but I was also a bit scared. Let’s see if the show lived up to what I hoped it would be!

History’s most tragic heroines but reimagined with an uplifting twist: the damsel in distress saves herself – and then the kingdom.

There are a couple of things I loved the most about the book; the banter, the humor and the (fantasy)twists on history being the main ones. So I was curious to see if all of that was translated to the tv screen. I also realised I didn’t remember all of the details but that might be a good thing as I wasn’t able to tell if they changed anything haha.

My Lady Jane is a reimagining of the story of Jane Grey and it has a fantasy twist. Instead of a religion divide in the country there is a divide between Verity and Ethian people, with the Ethian’s being shapeshifters. I personally love this fantasy twist on history and already enjoy that part of the story immensely.

Like I said, I also really liked the banter and the overall humor in the book and I do think that is definitely present in the show. The narrator is hilarious and such a good addition to the show! I really like Jane as a character and her banter with Guilford is chef’s kiss in my opinion. If you know more shows with banter like this, tell me now because I need to watch them all haha. I think Jane and Guilford and all of their interactions are my absolute favorite thing about this show.

The pacing was really well done and I just had to keep on watching episode after episode. I truly hope we’re getting a second season. The ending of the last episode has me hopeful! I would highly recommend everyone watch this (and then we for sure will get another season haha). Have you read the book? And have you watched the show yet? Let me know in the comments!

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