Bookish Item | Audible; Is It Worth It – Update

In May I had a trial for Audible and shared my thoughts afterwards. While my conclusions were that it wasn’t worth it to me and that I would cancel my subscription, I didn’t actually cancel it haha. I forgot about it at first, got a good deal when I did want to cancel and might have changed my mind after a couple of months. So today I want to give an update on whether or not I think Audible is worth it. Let’s jump in! Continue reading “Bookish Item | Audible; Is It Worth It – Update”

Bookish Item | My Audible Wishlist

A little while ago a wrote a post about Audible and if it was worth it for me. I haven’t canceled my subscription yet so I got a new credit this week. There are a couple of books on my wishlist and I need your help to figure out which one I will use my credit on! Let’s jump in. Continue reading “Bookish Item | My Audible Wishlist”

Bookish Item | Audible Is It Worth It?

As you might know, I love listening to audiobooks. It’s a way to read more when you don’t have the time to sit down or when your eyes are too tired to read from the page. Since not all subscription services offer the same books it’s nice to try out different once now and then. I wanted to listen to Eva Evergreen really badly so signed up for an Audible trial. And today I wanted to share my thoughts so far.  Continue reading “Bookish Item | Audible Is It Worth It?”