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In May I had a trial for Audible and shared my thoughts afterwards. While my conclusions were that it wasn’t worth it to me and that I would cancel my subscription, I didn’t actually cancel it haha. I forgot about it at first, got a good deal when I did want to cancel and might have changed my mind after a couple of months. So today I want to give an update on whether or not I think Audible is worth it. Let’s jump in!

While Audible is still mostly credit-based they now also offer audiobooks included with your subscription. This means there are a lot of books you can listen to outside of the ones you buy with your credits. And they have a pretty good list off books that are included. I added a couple I’m very excited about like The Midnight Library, The Bone Witch and Daughter of the Burning City.┬áIt was a very pleasant surprise to find that these books are now included with my membership. This means I can listen to more than one audiobook per month on my subscription!

As you might have seen I started listening to The Wheel of Time series. These books are huge! So I get great value for my credit. I’m almost done with the second book and that one is over 26 hours if you put it on regular speed. For me that’s a bit too slow so I listen at a different speed and therefor have to listen to about 15 hours instead of 26 haha. But I do plan on getting these books with my credit every month. And if the book is done before the end of the month I can listen to one of the books that are included. I think this series is best consumed in pretty quick succession or I will forget a ton of important plot points.

While there are still some issues with Audible, like certain Audible-only books not being available in my region, my opinion did change. With the included audiobooks I have a lot more choice of books to listen to and get more value with my membership. In May I didn’t think the subscription was worth it for me, but looking at this again critically I think I have to say it actually is now! I can listen longer, there are still a lot of Audible-only books I want to listen to and I think the app works well. For now I will keep my subscription and evaluate it again in a couple of months!

6 thoughts on “Bookish Item | Audible; Is It Worth It – Update

    1. I tend to have some struggles with fantasy because of all the details but at the same time it’s amazing to binge listen to those long books. I get through them a lot quicker that way!

  1. I like this post. I use to think having audible was a waste of money. But now since they changed things around and seem to be giving their listeners more for their money it seems worth it. Plus I like use it for large books I know Ill have trouble reading on my own. I like your update I looking forward to know how your feel in the next few months.

    1. Thank you so much! That’s exactly how I feel as well. Let’s hope they keep up the good work <3

  2. Yeah, Audible was always kinda a miss for me, mostly because my library system tends to have a TON of audiobooks available, so there were very few I couldn’t get ahold of that way for free. I have 2 credits in my free trial I need to cash in before the end of the month, but, again, I’m not sure what to ‘spend’ them on. Probably Project Hail Mary, since it’s an Audible original/exclusive, but for the other….? Glad you’re finding plenty to experience there!
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    1. I can totally understand that! Especially if your library has a lot available. Unfortunately the Dutch libraries don’t have that many English audiobooks available but this way I can still listen to some of those longer ones. Would definitely recommend Project Hail Mary! Hope you find an interesting book for that second credit as well.

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