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As you might know, I love listening to audiobooks. It’s a way to read more when you don’t have the time to sit down or when your eyes are too tired to read from the page. Since not all subscription services offer the same books it’s nice to try out different once now and then. I wanted to listen to Eva Evergreen really badly so signed up for an Audible trial. And today I wanted to share my thoughts so far. 

Based on my location my subscription is with Audible through Amazon UK. Their price is £7.99 per month. So for me that’s €9.28. A decent price for a monthly subscription I’d say. For that price you get one credit per month, and member only deals that can go up to 60% off. If you buy an audiobook, with your credit or if you actually pay for it, you get to keep it. Even if you’re not a member anymore. 

The fact that you only get one credit and you have to pay for any additional audiobook is a drawback for me. I usually listen to around 4 audiobooks a month (or at least I used too haha) so that would make it quite pricey. You can exchange an audiobook and you’ll get your credit back but that doesn’t feel great to me. I could live with this fact if I could get some of the amazing audible only audiobooks. However, this is the biggest drawback for me, a ton of books aren’t available for my region. For example everyone always raves about the Illuminae audiobooks so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to listen to them. Turns out they aren’t available. And that is the case for a lot of books I was interested in. I think this will be the reason I won’t continue my subscription. It’s a lot of money for just one audiobook a month to not even have the option to listen to all the audiobooks I might want to listen to. 

I also use or used Storytel and Scribd. They advertise with unlimited access to audiobooks. And for Storytel that is definitely the case. Scribd does limit your access after listening to a couple of audiobooks. But I do like their offer of graphic novels. So for me these subscriptions are actually worth the money compared to Audible. 

Do you use Audible? How’s your experience with it? Any books I should listen to before the end of my trial? Or any other audiobook subscription service I should try? Let me know down below!

2 thoughts on “Bookish Item | Audible Is It Worth It?

  1. I enjoyed Audible while I had it! I love that they give you certain things to listen to for free if you’re subscribed. I personally, made a list of all the audiobooks I was interested in and waited for sales to snag them at killer prices. 🙂

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