Review| Unrequited – Julia Wolf

If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Julia Wolf’s writing. So far there hasn’t been one book that’s disappointed me or left me wanting more. After reading about the band our main characters from Unrequited come from in Blue is the Color (Times Like These, Watch Me Unravel, Such Great Heights & Under the Bridge), I was really excited about this book. Today I want to tell you all about it! Keep on reading to find out more.

A big thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC to read and review!

Review| Unrequited – Julia Wolf

My proper southern belle mama might disagree, but I say I was born to be a rebel. From the second I got my hands on a pair of drumsticks, my future was sealed. I never fit in anyway, not with my rocker soul and curves that never take a day off.
But what’s a drummer without a band? Oh, that’s right. A cocktail waitress.
That is, until the chance of a lifetime falls into my lap—Unrequited needs a drummer, and I happen to have an ‘in’ with the band.
The only trouble is, Santiago Garza, Unrequited’s broody, scowly bassist, doesn’t want me in his band, which is kind of funny, considering he was the one who took my heart and stomped all over it five years ago.
My career is far more important than hurt feelings though, so Santiago can suck it up and deal. That’s what I’m doing, no matter how many times I remember the feel of his lips on mine. I won’t fall for him this time. I’m done being anyone’s second choice.

Unrequited by Julia Wolf
on 12/03/2020
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: ARC


“She was a fantasy I’d never been creative enough to dream up. Hard and soft, fierce and sweet.”

So far Julia Wolf has hit me in all the feels with all of her books. Unrequited was no exception! These characters are far from perfect and own that in every aspect of their life. This is a second chance romance I didn’t knew I needed and I’ll definitely think about frequently.

Our main character Maeve has definitely become a favorite of mine. Maeve isn’t your perfect girl. She has curves and owns them. Of course she has her insecurities at times, but Maeve won’t let anyone treat her badly or without respect. I loved this about her. Maeve is a strong woman who is a drummer and fights for what she wants to do. I loved this so much!! It was nice to see a character who doesn’t fit society’s image and just be herself.

“I wasn’t perfect, but when this man looked at me, I felt beautiful. He saw me, all of me. Not just my body, but my rebel heart and all my silliness.”

Santiago is a tough man with a big heart. I loved slowly learning things about his past. There was so much more to him than we know from the start. For me in the end he was just one big teddy bear. His father made sure to teach him how to treat women well and that definitely shows. Santiago is protective of the ones he loves and it does backfire on him every once in awhile, haha. It was so interesting to see him let his walls down and love.

Their relationship was a very interesting one. Five years before Maeve starts drumming for Unrequited there were definitely moments between these two characters. The flashbacks were perfect and really added some extra emotion to this story. I loved that it took time for them to find each other again and when they did there wasn’t too much angst. Yes, there were obstacles, but it wasn’t too much!

“You are the bloom after a flood and the light at the end of it all.”

Besides an amazing romance, there is also an amazing cast of characters. All of the band members, Maeve’s best friend and Yael really made this story special! If I could, I would want all of them to have their own story! Haha. Julia Wolf did it again and I can’t wait for her next book.

Maeve and Santiago have definitely earned a special place in my heart. I really hope we get to read about the other band members in the near future. Are you a fan of contemporary romances with rock stars? Leave me your recommendations down below!

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