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After reading Times Like These, I knew I needed books about all of the members of the band. Nick was a great start, but that definitely didn’t prepare me for David. Watch Me Unravel is the second book in the Blue is the Color Series. This book was released last week and you need to read it! A big thanks to the author for providing me an ARC to read and review.

David Wiesel lives for making music, partying, and women. He has a wicked sense of humor and a body made for sinning. He’s the kind of guy every mama warns her daughter about.

Sylvia Price lives for her daughter, theater, and teaching. She’s living the responsible life and left her wild ways in the past. She’s the kind of woman every mama wants her son to marry. Not that she’s looking for that.

One drunken night when they were teenagers left them irrevocably bound. Fifteen years later, an accident brings them back together and there is no denying the heat that scorched them when they were young is still there, sparking between them.

While David is more than willing to stoke those flames, Sylvia is afraid this time, the fire will burn her right to the ground.


When I picked up Watch Me Unravel, I couldn’t put it down. David is a character that’s a bit rough around the edges (at least that’s what I knew after Times Like These), but there’s so much more to him. David is the wild one, sleeps with different women all the time and isn’t always seen as the nice guy. His life gets turned upside down though when he gets a call his daughter was in a car accident.

David and Sylvia slept together once 15 years ago when they were both teenagers. A broken condom changed their lives that night, but they both love Emma. Through the years David thinks he’s been a good father. He sends her money, visits her and his her visit him. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his daughter. David and Sylvia only communicate when it comes to their daughter.

So when Emma gets in an accident, their worlds get a little bit closer. David and Sylvia have to put their differences aside for their little girl, even though there are still a lot of unresolved feelings. When Emma and Sylvia have to move in to David’s condo so Emma can heal, things get interesting, haha.

Sylvia has always felt like a single mom and has to get used to giving David some control. Over the years she’s created a great support system (the friends we meet in this book are so much fun) and thinks she’s going pretty well. I loved Sylvia. She’s such a strong woman. After a not so amazing childhood and getting pregnant so young, her life could’ve been a lot worse. Sylvia does amazing work and I love the theater program she does. She gives kids an amazing opportunity!

David didn’t have a great childhood. His Dad was an addict and his mother had to work a lot to keep them going. David has never thought just being there at times wasn’t enough for Emma and Sylvia. Having them around him in his condo, really opens his eyes. David starts feeling things he never realize he could feel. Being in one place for long has always spooked him, but he’s now thinking he should stick around.

The romance between David and Sylvia is very steamy and the added aspects of their past makes things interesting. They bicker a lot, argue, but the sparks fly when they’re around each other. I love seeing this book as a journey. Their daughter connects them, but so many years later they’re finally dealing with these feelings together.

David is far from perfect, but seeing him vunerable and realize a lot about himself, definitely made me love him! I thought Nick was going to be my favorite, but he’s taken the number one spot for now. David really starts looking at himself and what he missed. He learns to take risks and open himself up. All I wanted was for him to get his happily ever after!

Watch Me Unravel is filled with family, friends, love, romance and many steamy moments. The characters are amazing and we get another glimpse at all of the other band members. I am so excited for the books to come! Julia Wolf knows how to write a story you connect to. I was really sad when it ended!

If you love a book with amazing characters, a great love story, humor and lots of steamy moments, definitely pick this one up!

I can’t wait for the next book in this series!! This series is definitely making me love rock star romances! What are some of your favorites?

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