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I have read quite a few contemporary romances by Julia Wolf, so I was very excited when she announced that her next series was going to be a rock star romance. Times Like These was released earlier this month. The author provided me with a review copy of this book and today I want to tell you what I thought of this book!

Nick Fletcher has the voice of a god and a tongue as sharp as a knife. His words can cut, and this time, his quick temper has earned him an intruder in his life and on his tour.

Dalia Brenner looks like a grown-up Annie gone bad, but he wants nothing to do with her pin-up worthy curves and smart mouth. His method of dealing is to keep his head down, get through the tour, and then he’ll never have to see her again.

Dalia has no intention of having heart-to-hearts with Nick. They share a bus and sleep three feet apart every night, but that doesn’t mean she can’t ignore the scowly, grumpy lead singer.

Except she can’t seem to deny the annoying instinct to “fix” the pain and grief behind Nick’s sea glass eyes, even though she definitely knows better.

And Nick, well, he’s getting tired of denying Dalia…period.

Dalia has plans though, and none of them involve being a rock star’s girlfriend. Too bad Nick couldn’t disagree more.


Times Like These is a book that had me hooked from the start. Dalia is very protective of her sister, so when the performance of her favorite band is less than perfect, Dalia doesn’t leave it alone! One tweet starts a trail of events both Dalia and Nick did not see coming!

Nick in the lead singer of the band Blue is the Color and he doesn’t know how to be anything else. He’s the type of guy who takes care of everyone else, but won’t ask for what he needs. So when someone attacks a member of his band who doesn’t know the whole story, he gets very protective. Not having the greatest family situation growing up, his band is everything to him.

Dalia is always with her sister. They had a great childhood, but her parents didn’t really provide a stable income, so that’s always been hard on them! She’s busy finishing her degree, but who knows what will happen when she’s done? Never does she expect to be on a tour bus during the summer after the tweet she sent after that awful concert.

Times Like These isn’t your typical rock star romance. Yes, there’s plenty of partying and you here about bands drinking and doing drugs, but it’s not too much. They’re actually all pretty down to earth. I loved that there a bit wild, but know when it’s going to far. The band members are hilarious and I can’t wait for each othem to get their own stories!

The romance between Nick and Dalia was definitely a slow burn, but I loved it! The teasing, the attraction all just leading up to a moment they can’t resist. I loved them together, because they brought out the best in the other. Dalia learned that she could be seen as beautiful and a guy could be good to her (she doesn’t have the best track record) and Nick learns that it’s okay to ask for what you need. Having someone lookout for you isn’t a weakness.

On top of all the wonderful characters, it’s fun to see what happens behind the scenes on the tour. A lot of hard work, but a lot of fun! And the song lyrics we got to read in some of the chapters were amazing! I also listened to the play list the author put on Spotify and it fits the book perfectly!

And I can’t forget Mingo! That doggy definitely got a place in my heart, haha. All in all, this is such a fun rock star romance with amazing characters! I couldn’t put it down and was sad when it was over!

I am happy to know the author said we can’t expect the next book in a couple of months! What’s your favorite rock star romance? I would love to read more of these!

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