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Yesterday we talked about the books we bought or received in February and today it’s time to talk about what we read. What did we read? How much did we read? Keep reading our February wrap up to find out!


After starting out January with 21 books, I was really curious to see how the next month would go. 2020 is really off to a good start with my reading. I was able to read 19 books in February! That takes me to 40 books in total this year. I don’t think my Goodreads challenge will be a problem.

For the first time this year, I’m also keeping track of my reading statistics. In February I read a total of 6682 pages. I read 6 ARCs, 5 paperbacks, 3 audiobooks, 2 graphic novels, 2 e-books and a hardcover. My average rating was 4.2. So all in all, a good reading month. And for the first time in a very long time, I read more physical books than ARCs!! Let’s take a look at what I read!

The Final Empire – Brandon Sanderson

Isabelle and I have been talking about starting Mistborn for quite some time and we finally picked it up. I loved this world and the adventure it took us on. It’s clear that these are adult fantasy and they definitely take a little longer to read. I’ll be picking up the next book in this series to continue the Cosmerealong!

The Power & The Struggle – Jennifer L. Armentrout

A friend of mine and I are slowly making their way through the Titan series. This is another case of what took me so long to pick up these books?!? I loved Seth in the Convenant series and love his spinoff. As I’m typing this, we’re halfway through the last book. I’m not ready for it to be over.

Vicious – V.E. Schwab

Vicious is a book I’ve been wanting to read since the author talked about it during the interview I got to see in October. This is such a different book and it’s interesting to have a book where the characters aren’t ones you really want to like. I couldn’t put this one down!

Snug – Catana Chetwynd

My boyfriend gave me the first bundle of Catana Comics for Christmas and loved looking through it. I follow the comics online, but having new ones is always fun. Snug is the next collection and I read it the same night it came in the mail. The comics are so relatable!

Hunted – Meagan Spooner

This Beauty and the Beast retelling has been on my shelf since its release in 2017. So let’s say it was definitely time to pick it up. I love retellings, but unfortunately this one lacked for me. I loved that it was darker, but I didn’t get the development I needed or information about the characters.

Sorcery of Thorns – Margaret Rogerson

Another book I’ve been wanting to read forever. A book about magical books and libraries?!? Count me in! This was really magical and I couldn’t put it down. I wanted some more development and information, but all in all, an amazing story! I wish this wasn’t just a standalone.

Heartstopper Vol. 1 – Alice Oseman

I’ve been hearing about Heartstopper for ages now, but hadn’t gotten around to picking it up yet. The hype was increasing again, because of the release of Vol. 3. I read this in less than an hour and loved every minute of it! This will be one I reread often!

P.S. I Still Love You – Jenny Han

I decided to do a re-read before the release of the movie on Netflix (which I still haven’t watched yet). The audiobook was really good and I loved this story all over again. Even though I have to say Lara Jean irritated me a bit more than the first time around, haha.

The Lying Season – K.A. Linde

I’ve been waiting for this spinoff for awhile and loved being back in this world. This was an interesting love story and second chance romance. I can’t wait for the next book!

Don’t Read the Comments – Eric Smith

This is a book I’ve been seeing around since it released and I’m so happy I read it! The main characters are gamers and even though I don’t play, it was really interesting. I also thought the author really showed how mean the internet can be.

Doughn’t Let Me Go – Teagan Hunter

Another really funny book by this author! I think this one was my favorite. A single father who ends up sleeping with the woman who was supposed to be his nanny. There were a lot of funny and sweet moments.

Tweet Cute – Emma Lord

I’m always a fan when social media, text messages, or e-mails are a big part of a story. Tweet Cute definitely had some of these elements and it was a contemporary book that I really ended up loving. If you’re looking for a cute and fast read, definitely pick this one up!

Great and Precious Things – Rebecca Yarros

Rebecca Yarros knows how to make you ugly cry and I was afraid this one was going to get to me again. It was definitely emotional, but not ugly cry material. The characters and love story were amazing and I would definitely move to that small town.

We Used to Be Friends – Amy Spalding

Friendship isn’t something that gets a lot of attention in YA books and it was refreshing to see this happening. Sometimes friendships fade and you grow apart. We Used to Be Friends shows this so well. Even if the time jumps could get confusing!

Always Yours – Kennedy Fox

After the ending of Always Mine, I really needed to continue with this story. Even though I didn’t completely like how things went, I was really invested in these characters. In the end, I was happy how everything ended.

Fighting Words – Taylor Danae Colbert

Taylor Danae Colbert is one of my favorite authors and she gave us an enemies to lovers story. Except Fighting Words was so much more. There was a lot going on for these characters and my heart really went out to them.

Brix – Brooke O’Brien

A stepbrother/rockstar romance?!? Yes please! Brix and Ivy were both amazing characters and I enjoyed every minute of their story. I’m already excited about the next book in this series.

Ashlords – Scott Reintgen

If I’m honest, Ashlords wasn’t on my radar right away. It was a February group read in TBR & Beyond and I’m happy I read it. The world and magical elements were really interesting. I loved the different POVs and am excited to see where this story goes in the next book.


I’m still not reading as much as I used to. But with 6 books and 2890 pages I’m pretty happy! I’m making my way through some bigger books this year and I’m still on schedule for the 100 books I plan on reading. This month I read three arcs, one graphic novel and two backlist books. I’m quite happy with those numbers as I’m working on a couple of goals. So let’s see which books I picked up this month.

The Final Empire – Brandon Sanderson

I finally finished The Final Empire! Once I was truly sucked in, I finished the last two thirds in about two or three days haha. I can’t wait to read the rest of the Mistborn series but I’m first working on Elantris. This year we’ll both be reading a lot of Brandon Sanderson and I’m super excited about it!

Heartstopper vol. 3 – Alice Oseman

Heartstopper was my Valentine’s Day read this year and I adored it! This graphic novel series is amazing and owns my heart. I adore the characters and it talks about some really important issues. The only downside is having to wait for a new volume to release 😉

Sorcery of Thorns – Margaret Rogerson

The review for this standalone YA fantasy was posted yesterday and as you might’ve seen I really enjoyed it. I listened to the audiobook and couldn’t put it down. There were quite some action scenes and I just wish it was either longer or that we would’ve gotten a sequel.

Drums of Autumn – Diana Gabaldon

Every year I read one Outlander book! This might be the year when I pick up two though haha. I finished this fourth book in the series and really enjoyed it once again. The books are super slow paced but I enjoy the characters are all of their adventures. There isn’t really a big plot you just have to enjoy the ride. I might get back to the tv show soon as well.

The Other Side – Sarah Hocut

This eARC has been on my ereader for a while now and I finally got back to it. I wanted a fun and cute summer contemporary. Unfortunately that wasn’t exactly what I got. This book was a bit of a disappointment for me and I was hoping for me.

Of Curses and Kisses – Sandhya Menon

This was my first book by Sandhya Manon and I loved the premise. I got an eARC but ended up listening to the audiobook. There was some enjoyably parts to this Beauty and the Beast retelling but overall I was hoping for a lot more. I plan on writing my full review soon!

So this is what we read in February! Have we read any books you have as well? Let us know in the comments! Also, let us know what your favorite book was in February! We always love new recommendations.

4 thoughts on “Wrap Up | February 2020

  1. I feel like I’ve said this already, but I LOVE Mistborn. The metals magic system is one of my favorite ever. Also, I’m sorry Hunted fell a little flat for you – I really enjoyed the retelling. I think I want to try the author’s most recent soon, which is lady Robin Hood story, I believe.

  2. I’ve been lowkey interested in Doughn’t let me Go just based on the title lol Looks like you enjoyed it so I’ll have to try it out!

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