Review | The Other Side – Sarah Hocut

I have started to make my way through my eARC backlist haha. One of the first books I read was The Other Side. I was hoping for a cute and fluffy summer romance. The book is less than 300 pages so it’s a pretty quick read. Let’s see if I got what I was hoping for. 
Review | The Other Side – Sarah Hocut

I think we should break up.
Those six little words mean the summer after high school is not starting off the way Sadie Wills had planned. When her boyfriend of three years dumps her the day after graduation, she’s suddenly unsure of what the future will hold.
Serving up ice cream at Gigi’s Dairy Bar in downtown Abbyville proves to be a nice distraction. That is, until she finds out the old house across the street, which used to be the town’s flower shop, is being torn down to put up an ice cream franchise. Convinced the new store will put Gigi’s out of business, Sadie comes up with a plan. Her newfound summer resolution? Save that house and save Gigi’s.
Complications arise when she meets Eric and serious sparks start flying. The problem? Eric’s dad owns the company responsible for demolishing the old flower shop, and Eric is working for him over the summer. Even though she tells herself not to fall for him – he’s going to help run Gigi’s out of business after all, and besides, it’s too soon after her break-up to even think about giving her heart to someone else – Eric has other plans.
Torn by the arguments between her head and her heart, Sadie becomes very good at running over the summer. Running from her past. Running from her feelings. Running from love.
As the summer wears on, Eric slowly slips more and more into her life, and Sadie eventually realizes that she can’t run forever. But can she risk giving her heart to someone else?

The Other Side is a clean contemporary YA romance for readers who like sweet, swoony heroes and happily ever afters.

The Other Side by Sarah Hocut
on 25/03/2019
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 248
2.5 Stars


Look at that cute cover! I love the combination of the ice cream cones and the flowers. It gives off a very summery vibe and fits the story perfectly. The cover got me pretty excited for the story. And this story starts with Sadie getting dumped by her boyfriend off three years Paul. This summer she’ll have to try and get over him, try to save the ice cream shop she works at and not fall for the son of the competition that’s building a big ice cream company across the street. Sounds like good ingredients for a fun contemporary right?

Unfortunately I was quite bored for most of the story. The main plot was very cliche. This doesn’t have to be a problem, I don’t mind a predictable story as long as I care about the characters. Unfortunately I didn’t really care about most of the characters. And that made this a hard story for me to enjoy. If this wasn’t a review book and such a short one, I probably would’ve DNF’d it to be honest.

The writing style was okay, but it was pretty simple. But what annoyed me most was that a lot of things were overexplained. I think the audience is smarter than they are given credit for, there is no reason to spell everything out for us. There was also a lot of telling instead of showing and that’s such a shame. I don’t really believe in the story if you just tell me something is the case. Show it to me! The pacing felt a bit off with the main plot being resolved with quite some chapters to go.

However, those last chapters were my favorite! I liked those side plots a lot better than the main plot. Same with the characters, I really liked Paulette and Gigi but they had small roles in the book. I did not like Sadie, she was pretty annoying actually. Her inner monologue bothered me a lot, she jumped to conclusion and in my opinion the ‘I think I love you’ came wayyyyy to fast. Eric was a pretty enjoyable character but he didn’t bring anything new to the table and went a bit fast as well. I liked Sadie’s best friend Madison!

All in all I was just disappointed by this one. I was hoping for a fun and cute contemporary but I was bored and had to read about characters I didn’t care about. After finishing the book I had to give it 2,5 stars. Unfortunately this was not the one for me!

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    1. Thank you! It’s always a bummer when a book doesn’t live up to your expectations 🙁

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t like it! I didn’t even notice the ice cream on the cover was flowers until you pointed it out lol!

    1. Yeah I really liked that cover! Such a great idea by the cover artist

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