Bookish Item| Popular Books on TikTok I Want to Read

I’m sure most people in the bookish community know about TikTok these days. Instagram has Bookstagram and now we also have BookTok on Tiktok. Some books are getting a lot of attention on there lately, so I want to talk about some of those. Today I’m going to talk about some of the popular books on TikTok I want to read!

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Fangirl Friday | Cosplaying On TikTok

I mentioned it a bit in my Royal Update this week but lately I have been consumed by TikTok haha. There are so many amazing creators on that app, if you all are interested I might share some of whom I’m following in another post? Just let me know if you want that! But today I wanted to talk about the content I started to create myself haha. So let’s jump in. Continue reading “Fangirl Friday | Cosplaying On TikTok”