Fangirl Friday | Cosplaying On TikTok

I mentioned it a bit in my Royal Update this week but lately I have been consumed by TikTok haha. There are so many amazing creators on that app, if you all are interested I might share some of whom I’m following in another post? Just let me know if you want that! But today I wanted to talk about the content I started to create myself haha. So let’s jump in.

You might’ve guessed it from the title but I’m making cosplay video’s on TikTok. And I’m having so much fun!! After seeing all these amazing creators I got really inspired to make some video’s myself. One of my oldest favorite and relatable characters has always been Hermione and since I especially follow a lot of Harry Potter creators that seemed like the perfect place to start. Some of you might’ve seen the video on our bookstagram as well as I posted it as a reel last week!

Right now I have posted 10 video’s and I feel like I already got better at making them and editing them haha. I don’t do a lot of editing yet but I would love to get better at it and try it out some more. So if you have any tips, they are more than welcome! And this moment I have cosplayed 3 characters. Of course we have Hermione but I also cosplayed another HP character. And that is Marlene McKinnon. You might not recognise that name right way, she only mentioned once or twice in the books. But the fandom has made up an extensive backstory for her and I love her so so much.

She is a quidditch player and one of Lily Evans’ best friends. Depending on the fanfic she either dated Sirius Black or Dorcas Meadows so in my mind she’s bisexual. I love how the fandom has taken back this world and it’s now canon that so many of these characters are queer, neurodivergent etc. Unfortunately there is also some gatekeeping going on that has turned some really talented creators away from the fandom. I hope that people start to be more aware of what they say online as they seem to forget there are actual people on the other side of the screen as well. Talking about these talented people, you have the option to do a duet with people’s video’s and I did a couple of those. It is so much fun to share the screen with another creator and I got lovely replies from them.

As I said, I feel like I got better at editing video’s but somehow the video I’m proudest off got the least views haha. Apparently I have no clue what I’m doing as that video got not even half as much views as my second least watched. Well apart from my actual least watched video but I forgot to add hashtags so I learned that lesson haha. So if you feel like watching just one of my video’s I’ll link to that one right here ;).

So far we have talked about two characters, but I’ve done a third! And she has become my most watched haha. We are talking about the one and only Caroline Forbes from the Vampire Diaries. I love that show and Caroline is probably my favorite character. So of course I had to do a video as her. After searching all over TikTok I found a bunch of Caroline sounds so there are more video’s coming. And I have a bunch of ideas for other characters as well. I made a wishlist for all of the cosplay stuff I would love to get and I hope to slowly build up my collection ;). Highest priority right now are a quidditch outfit and a good wig!

Do you have any editing or other cosplay tips? And are you active on TikTok? I would love to know and follow some more people. Maybe we can become TikTok friends ;). Let me know down below!!

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