Bookish Item | End of the Year TBR

Merry Christmas! Just a couple of days left in 2020! What a year it has been. And while some people have been reading more than ever, I can’t really say the same haha. I’m still 5 books away from reaching my Goodreads reading goal so I want to try and read or even finish these books before the end of the year. Let’s take a look! Continue reading “Bookish Item | End of the Year TBR”

Bookish Item | The Forgotten TBR Challenge

I pick up books only to put them down before ending them all the time. So I have quite some half read books and that needs to change haha. The quarantine seems like the perfect time to read all those forgotten books. I’m challenging myself to read (or officially DNF) all these book before the Corona crisis is done. Assuming it’s going to be at least two more months haha. So let’s see which books are on my pile of forgotten books! Continue reading “Bookish Item | The Forgotten TBR Challenge”

Tag | Do I Have That Book Challenge

I saw a really fun book tag/challenge over at BooksandLala last week and thought it would be fun to do here as well. The Do I Have That Book Challenge was originally created by Keeping Tabs on Booktube but I think it also works as a written tag. The challenges are pretty difficult but I really liked doing it! Let’s look at what books I have on my shelf 😉

Continue reading “Tag | Do I Have That Book Challenge”