Show Sunday | Get Even

Get Even was recently released on Netflix and I kept debating if I wanted to watch it right away. This tv show is based on the Don’t Get Mad duology by Gretchen McNeil and I’m a big believer of reading the book first. But I didn’t own the books yet and I just really wanted to watch this show haha. So last Thursday I decided to watch the first episode to see if it was for me. You might be able to guess how that went ;). So let’s talk about Get Even! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Get Even”

Show Sunday | Jane the Virgin

A little while ago I finally started watching Jane the Virgin. I had heard about the show but wasn’t too interested in it to be honest. But then I heard that there is a real life book that’s basically the book that gets published in the show. And all of a sudden I was interested haha. So I started watching it and today I want to share my opinion about the show! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Jane the Virgin”

Show Sunday | Sex Education

When I opened Netflix about a week or 2 ago, I saw this new show; Sex Education. I wasn’t to sure about watching this, but I did want to see the trailer after I came across the series a couple of times. Turned out, the trailer looked hilarious! A couple of my friends already watched the show and based on their recommendation I decided to go for it. So let’s see what I thought about this show! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Sex Education”

Show Sunday | Good Girls

A couple of weeks ago I was working on some blog posts and wanted to watch a simple show while doing so. After browsing Neflix for a little bit I came across Good Girls again. I had seen the trailer and heard some good things but I honestly wasn’t expecting much. Luckily I did start watching it anyway because this show was AMAZING. So amazing, I watch the whole show in 1 day. Yes, 1 day haha. Continue reading “Show Sunday | Good Girls”