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A couple of weeks ago I was working on some blog posts and wanted to watch a simple show while doing so. After browsing Neflix for a little bit I came across Good Girls again. I had seen the trailer and heard some good things but I honestly wasn’t expecting much. Luckily I did start watching it anyway because this show was AMAZING. So amazing, I watch the whole show in 1 day. Yes, 1 day haha.

Good Girls is about two sisters and their friend, all with their own problems, who decide to rob a supermarket to fix some of those problems. Obviously that’s not where the trouble stops haha. Especially in the first few episodes the girls think they can easily fix their problems by just doing this one thing. And then one more thing, and one more and so on.

The first season has 10 episodes of about 40 minutes each. So it took me some determination but I managed to watch them all even though I had to work for half a day. I just kept on watching and when the last episode was done I realized it was half past midnight and I needed to sleep haha.

This storyline is one I highly enjoy. Simple women who don’t have anything to do with crime, who find themselves in a bad situation where committing crimes seems the only possibility. The first episode wasn’t the best, and it took me a bit to actually get into it. But the ending of the first episode made me curious enough to continue. And after that it only got better and better and better.┬áThe whole show is so addictive and I just couldn’t stop watching.

I really enjoyed the style of filming even though I had to get used to it in the first episode. We also get to see a lot of family dynamics and they were all very interesting. The girls all have 3 very different families, which come with their different problems and I loved watching those families. And then we had that final season, such an OMG-moment. How can they leave us hanging like that? I need the second season now! Luckily, a second season is confirmed to be airing in 2019.

The most important thing in this show are the characters. We have Annie, she was so relatable and wonderful. Annie is a single mom, a bit of a mess and so funny. I think she might be my favorite. Then we have Beth, her older sister. She seemed so cold and I really didn’t like her at first. But she managed to grow on me while she was taking charge of the whole situation. Beth turned out the be a real boss lady!

Next up is Ruby, Beth and Annie’s friend. She kept it real, kept the other girls kinda in check haha. Ruby was funny and she had the most wonderful family. I really enjoyed the parts where she and her husband tried to cheer up their daughter. And then my other favorite character, Rio. He was so HOT, I really like this actor in everything he does. Somehow I always fall for the criminal in these types of shows. And I’m not the only one because he had great chemistry with Beth, I need them together! Rio had perfect facial expressions and I loved all his scenes. Unfortunately there aren’t nearly enough scenes with him, I need more Rio!

I absolutely adored this addictive show and would highly recommend it to everyone. It’s only 10 episodes so it isn’t a long commitment. Have you seen this show? Or do you plan on watching it? Let me know in the comments!

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