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A little while ago I finally started watching Jane the Virgin. I had heard about the show but wasn’t too interested in it to be honest. But then I heard that there is a real life book that’s basically the book that gets published in the show. And all of a sudden I was interested haha. So I started watching it and today I want to share my opinion about the show!

A young, devout Catholic woman discovers that she was accidentally artificially inseminated.

There are currently 4 seasons of Jane the Virgin and the fifth season is starting really soon. As stated above, this show is about Jane and she gets accidentally artificially inseminated. It sounds pretty insane and to be honest it kinda is haha. Jane, her family, and the accidental spermdonor all have to adjust to the situation and this guarantees both hilarious and heartfelt moments.

I watched the first two seasons a little while ago but I needed a little break. Last week or so I saw an announcement that got me interested again though! Sophia Bush mentioned on her Instagram that she was going to play a role in the fifth season and that meant I had to catch up! I adore Sophia Bush and love her in every role I’ve seen her in so far. As I’m typing this, I only have 5 episodes to go and I have a little over 2 weeks before the fifth season starts so I’m all good!

The storylines in this show are pretty over the top, but since it’s marketed as a telenovela I’m not bothered by that at all. It’s part of the charm of the show I think. And knowing that it will all end after this fifth season ensures that it won’t drag or will become completely ridiculous.

I would say there are 7 important characters in this show. Obviously Jane is our main character. But there are 6 more characters we can’t do without. All the other characters are fun and interesting but they have smaller roles. I really like the development all the characters go through. In the last 4 seasons they all have learned so much! And they definitely changed, mostly for the better.

Jane is a pretty likable and relatable character although she can be somewhat naive and judgmental. She still is a great main character. I think my favorite character however might be Petra. She used to be the biggest bitch, and she still kinda is, but she’s also pretty badass. Petra works hard, protects her family and goes the extra mile for anything the really wants. The love interests, Michael and Rafael couldn’t be more different. And somehow I’m rooting for both of them? They each bring something to the table I love. And lastly we have Jane’s family, such a wonderful mix of people! Jane lives with her mom and grandmother and while they are completely different, they’re both very loving.

This show is funny most of the times and I love the over the top drama. It is exactly what I would expect of a telenovela. But it’s not just funny, there is also a lot of emotion and heart in this show and I’ve cried a couple of times (although I’m an insanely easy crier haha). I highly recommend this show and will probably binge watch those last 5 episodes this week!

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