Bookish Item | America Goodies Haul

In my last bookish item I showed you all the books I bought when I was in America and today I want to show all the bookish goodies I got! There were some things I ordered online and had shipped to my friend before my trip, I also got something at Target. Let’s take a look at all those goodies! Continue reading “Bookish Item | America Goodies Haul”

Bookish Item | America Bookhaul

At the start of this week we posted our book hauls (with ALLLLL the books haha). I also told you all that you could expect an America Bookhaul from me. I’m currently on a holiday and obviously I had to buy books. I had most of them shipped to my friends place and I also bought a couple. I’m still here but I don’t think I’ll be buying anymore books as it’s going to be a challenge to get them all home as it is haha. Enough talking, let’s look at those books!

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