Unboxing| Illumicrate: Squad Goals

It’s been a couple of months since I got an Illumicrate, but when I read the theme and description of their April box, I was really curious. On top of that, my boyfriend was curious about the Lord of the Rings item we would be receiving. The box was sent a bit later than normal with everything going on, so it’s almost the end of May before I’m unboxing my April Illumicrate, haha. Let’s take a look at the Squad Goals box!

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Unboxing| Illumicrate: The Strength Within

As you know if you’ve been following the blog, I do like getting a book box every once in awhile. They don’t always have ones I like, but the January Illumicrate was one that I knew I needed. The theme was The Strength Within and there were two books inside! Let’s take a look what this box had inside!

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Unboxing| Illumicrate – In Search Of Doors

If you’ve been following us for a little while, you know I’ve gotten the Illumicrate a few times this year. I love their boxes and they’re not too expensive either. Their November box In Search of Doors, originally sold out before I could get my hands on one, but a friend of mine was able to grab one for me when the last few became available.

I received my box at the end of last week and want to show everyone what’s inside. If you don’t want to read any spoilers, stop reading now. If you want to know what’s inside, keep on reading!

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Unboxing | Illumicrate: Armed & Dangerous

There are so many book boxes out there, but sometimes shipping can be a bit high. It’s been quite awhile since I treated myself to something like this. Illumicrate is a subscription box I’ve had my eye on for awhile and decided to give it a go. So I started out with their August box: Armed & Dangerous.

I think most people have gotten their box by now, but I’ll still put a spoiler warning. If you don’t want to see what’s in the box, don’t continue reading. If you do, let’s see what this box was filled with!

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Bookish Item | April Merch Haul

I love bookish merch and all kinds of goodies! But I have been buying way too much over the last couple of years so I tried to slow down a little. However, last month I have been yet again buying a couple of things haha. It’s not a lot but there are some really nice and cute things I have accumulated that I love to share with you all! So let’s get into my April merch haul. Continue reading “Bookish Item | April Merch Haul”

TTT #53 | Bookish Items/Merchandise I’d Like to Own

We have been having fun with Top Ten Tuesday, so we decided we will do one every week. This bookish meme was hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has been going since June 2010! Since last January Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s prompt is bookish items/merchandise I’d like to own. I have a lot of merch already but obviously I always want more haha. Since I also need to give one of my friends a bookish item wishlist I decided to share that one with you all. Let’s take a look at it! Continue reading “TTT #53 | Bookish Items/Merchandise I’d Like to Own”

Bookish Item | America Goodies Haul

In my last bookish item I showed you all the books I bought when I was in America and today I want to show all the bookish goodies I got! There were some things I ordered online and had shipped to my friend before my trip, I also got something at Target. Let’s take a look at all those goodies! Continue reading “Bookish Item | America Goodies Haul”

Unboxing| Celebrate Books – Murder Girls

Today we have a new unboxing for you all. We both ordered Celebrate Books’ English box in February. The theme for February was Murder Girls. There was a little delay with the books, so it came a little later than planned. We finally got it last Friday and want to show what we got.

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Unboxing| Birthday Surprise Boxes

Just like last year around Christmas, we decided we should also do birthday boxes for each other. Our birthdays are right after each other, March 5th (Isabelle) and March 6th (Candyce). On Wednesday we got together to exchange gifts and we wanted to share it with all of you.

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