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In my last bookish item I showed you all the books I bought when I was in America and today I want to show all the bookish goodies I got! There were some things I ordered online and had shipped to my friend before my trip, I also got something at Target. Let’s take a look at all those goodies!

I’m super excited about these first ‘goodies’! I ordered these Riverdale Funko’s at Hot Topic <3 I got Archie Andrews and the exclusive Jughead Jones in his Serpent Jacket. I’m a big Riverdale fangirl and I love funko’s so these are perfect! I really like how they look and I’m so happy to have them in my collection.

While browsing the Target aisles I found this Harry Potter with Marauders Map Funko. I wasn’t originally planning on getting this one but seeing it for a decent prize I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The Marauders Map is one of my favorite things in the HP series and I think this one is so cute. I actually had to rearrange my shelves again as these funko’s (and honestly allll those books) just didn’t fit anymore. I have a complete HP Funko shelf now (do you guys want to see that?) with a couple of candles on there as well.

I ordered these beautiful pins on Etsy at Icey Designs. I love her stuff so so much but shipping was always insane. So I decided to have these shipped to my friend and that made is so much more doable. These pins are GORGEOUS and I’m so excited to have these. I definitely ordered these for the Grisha pin: Steel is Earned but the other 2 are so cute too!

The last thing I got is this candle box by Flick the Wick. This is one of my favorite companies and I really like the boxes I have seen (and the one I got last summer!). You might have already seen what’s in this box but for those who haven’t, here comes a little unboxing! Oh, also, the theme was couples from Sarah J Maas books so beware of spoilers!

The first item is one of my favs right away! I absolutely love tea so getting tea in a box is always a pluspoint in my book. I loved Tower of Dawn and all I can say is this is perfection <3

Both Candyce & I are currently rereading The Assassin’s Blade in early anticipation of Kingdom of Ash and this just gives me alllll the feels <3 I absolutely love Sam and while forever be sad.

I think we have established that I LOVE pins and this Night Court pin is just so beautiful. The design is really nice and I’m just really happy with it. I will definitely use this!

One of my favorite items in this box! A pillowcase <3 YESSSS. I’ve got quite the collection of fandom pillows now and I love it. This one is already on my bed with the rest of them and I need more pillows if I get anymore cute cases haha.

We also got some really cute art in this box. On the left we have Cassian and Nesta, such a great art piece of these characters that I don’t have any merch for yet! The print on the right is of Manon and Dorian and they are MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS OF EVER! I was kinda hoping for a candle of these cuties but then again, I’ve got a couple of Manon candles already haha.

The last item before we get to the candles is this two-sided bookmark with two iconic quotes from both series. The ‘Rattle the Stars’ quote is for sure in my top 10 quotes of ever <3 I really like the quote from the ACOTAR series as well but it just doesn’t have the same hold over me haha. So I know which side I’ll be displaying 😉


The first candle is this full size Feysand candle with a beautiful designed label. I adore this label so so much and the candle smells wonderful. I don’t think there is any fan of these books that doesn’t like Feysand (or is there?) so I completely understand that they choose this one as their full sized candle. And obviously I’m really happy with it!

The first of the three smaller candles is Lysaedion <3 Another stunner label and one of my favorite couples in these books (yes I have many haha). This candle smells really good and fits so well with Lysaedion!

The second one is a Rowaelin candle. I really like this label as well! Honestly, this is my least favorite couple out of all of them so I don’t really care for this candle but it is still really beautiful and it smells perfect. And I do kinda need it in my Sarah J. Maas collection don’t I 😉

And the last candle is another favorite couple of mine: Elriel! Now this is technically not an official couple (YET) but I’m so happy it got included. Another stunning label, they did a great job on these! And love the scent as well!

So that was it for today! I hope you liked seeing all the goodies I got while in America. I’m personally super happy with all of these things. What was your favorite goodie? Let me know in the comments!

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