Fangirl Friday | FunkoPop Collection

Candyce and I aren’t just avid book readers, we also love watching movies and tv shows. And we don’t just read and watch, no, we’re massive fangirls for the things we’re passionate about. So one of the things we do is collect things. One of the things we both like to collect is FunkoPops. So today I wanted to show you all my FunkoPop collection. When taking the pictures, I decided to stick to my non-Harry Potter FunkoPops and leave the Harry Potter ones for another time. So let’s take a look at all the other FunkoPops in my collection! Continue reading “Fangirl Friday | FunkoPop Collection”

Fangirl Friday | Funko Pop Wishlist

As you all may know by now, I’m a collector of many things. Books, candles, bookmarks, more bookish merch and also Funko Pops. A couple of years ago I got my first Funko for my birthday and been loving them ever since! I’m slowly growing my collection but there are so many I still want. So today I’m showing you guys some of the pops I have on my very extensive wishlist haha.  Continue reading “Fangirl Friday | Funko Pop Wishlist”

Bookish Item | America Goodies Haul

In my last bookish item I showed you all the books I bought when I was in America and today I want to show all the bookish goodies I got! There were some things I ordered online and had shipped to my friend before my trip, I also got something at Target. Let’s take a look at all those goodies! Continue reading “Bookish Item | America Goodies Haul”