Bookish Item| Books to Read Before the End of the Year Part 2

Two weeks ago I posted the first part of the books I want to read before the end of the year. You can check that post out here. Today I am going to share the other nine books I want to read before the end of 2018. There are a lot more than 18, but these are the ones that keep haunting me, haha.

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Bookish Item | Rereading Books

I have so many unread books on my shelfs, in my kindle app and in my Netgalley account that I used to feel bad even thinking about rereading books. The only books I used to reread were the Harry Potter books. However recently this seems to change! I felt like writing a post about it and hopefully talk to you all about it. Let’s get into it. Continue reading “Bookish Item | Rereading Books”

Bookish Item| Books to Read Before the End of the Year Part 1

Last year one of my first posts on this blog was books I wanted to read before the end of 2017. I didn’t do too well with that, haha. If you want to check out that post, click here. Looking at my bookshelves yesterday, I saw books to read before the end of the year. It’s 2018, so I will be choosing 18 books. I don’t know how far I will get, but I’m hoping this post will give me more motivation! Today I will talk about the first 9 books! In two weeks, the rest will be posted.

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Bookish Item | Bookish Movies

Today we want to talk about bookish movies. Lately, a lot of books are being filmed. As a book lover, this can be amazing, but also very risky. Everyone who reads a book pictures things a certain way. Can a movie capture what you imagine when you read a book? We want to talk about some of the bookish movies we’ve seen and what we think.

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Bookish Item | Reading Goals Update

After doing the Mid Year Freak Out tag yesterday day we thought it would be fun to talk a bit about the reading goals we set for ourselves for 2018. In December last year we posted about all the goals we wanted to set for ourselves for this year. How are we doing with those goals? Are we on track, or are we failing hopelessly? Let’s find out! Continue reading “Bookish Item | Reading Goals Update”

Bookish Item| Bookish Boardgames

I have always loved playing boardgames and this hasn’t changed at all being an adult. Lucky enough, my boyfriend loves them as well.We already have a pretty good collection. Not too long ago, we were actually able to add a bookish boardgame to our collection. I thought it would be fun to talk about this on this blog to let more people know about Hogwarts Battle.

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Bookish Item| Books to Pack for Vacation

Getting away for a week is always a wonderful thing, but I think most bookworms will recognize my problem. Figuring out what books to pack for vacation. This afternoon I am off to a cottage with my boyfriend for a week. We will be close to a little beach, so what will I be doing while there? Right, reading! Of course I will bring my e-reader, but I love bringing a few physical books as well. After thinking about it for awhile, I have decided to bring these books!

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Bookish Item | My Favorite Booktubers

I love books, I love reading them, talking about them, and hearing people talk about books. So naturally I love watching booktube videos! There are so many different booktubers out there and I really enjoy discovering new channels. And then watch allll of the videos on there haha. So today I decided to show you all some of my favorite booktubers. I watch a ton of videos so I’m only talking about a couple of my favorite booktubers today. If you all enjoy this post, I might write another one 😉 Let’s get in to it! Continue reading “Bookish Item | My Favorite Booktubers”

Bookish Item| Signed Books

As a booklover, a signed book by an author I love is a perfect thing to me. That being said it can be hard when living in Europe to get signed books. One, authors don’t come here very often or when they do it’s somewhere else in Europe. Or it’s too expensive to have a book shipped here. In the last year I have managed to get a nice collection of signed books.

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