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We’re only a week away from Christmas! So this is the perfect time for another Christmas themed book tag. I had a look around and found one we haven’t done yet. And that is the Christmas Cracker Book Tag. It was created by Lucy (now from Lucythereader.com) and I found it at Charlotte’s blog, Wonderfullybookish. Let’s jump in!

I LOVE the cover of this book so so much. Years ago I saw it at a bookstore when we had a date with our bookish friends. And I never forgot it haha. I was so happy to actually get it. This is one of my favourite covers on my shelves. And I also loved the book and movie 😉

I can’t really tell you which books I picked for Candyce ;). But I also bought my mom two books and I can tell you about one of them. My mom has been bugging me about ordering this one for her for months. And then she totally forgot about it, so it’s been hiding in my room for weeks haha. It’s a book with French fairytales and with illustrations by a famous painter.

I’m currently listening to the audiobook for One Way or Another. Last year I read another book by Kara McDowell and I loved it! This one takes place over Christmas break and I’m enjoying it so much. You can bet I’m finishing it very soon.

Another book I’m currently reading is The Golden Compass and I could totally see myself reading this by a fireplace. It’s a lot denser than I thought it would be and I would love to read it for a couple of hours and get completely immersed in the story.

The last ‘Christmas’ book I’m currently reading is In A Holidaze. I’m loving this one as well. Its very funny, very cute and I love the Groundhog Day element. This is my second Christina Lauren book and it looks like I need to pick up more stories by these authors!

There are so many good books! But one that gave me chills (also because it was pretty scary haha) was The Diviners. I loved this book a lot and can’t believe I let it sit unread on my shelves for so many years. Not too long ago I got the sequel and I plan on reading it soon!

Candyce and I shared two of our Christmas wish lists with a ton of book on it. You can find the first wishlist here and the second one here.

This was a fast and fun tag to do. I really enjoyed it and I think I haven’t ever wrote a tag post this fast haha. What book do you plan on reading over the festive period? I would love to know!

2 thoughts on “Tag | The Christmas Cracker Book Tag

  1. Well I’ve definitely been watching His Dark Materials curled up under a blanket, so you’re spot on with that one! A fire would make it perfect.

  2. I thought that said “Pick a book you would buy as the president” and was very confused for a second. I’ve heard about a lot of these books!

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