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Yesterday we shared what books we bought or received, so today we want to talk about the books we read in April. Did we have a good reading month? Were the books we read good? Keep on reading our April wrap up to find out!


After a slow start to the month, I ended up reading quite a lot! It definitely helped that I had some time off of work, so a lot more reading time. In April I read a total of 28 books and as I’m typing this, I’m 29 books ahead of schedule. So far I’m happy with how my reading this year has been going. I’m a bit behind on reviews though, but I hope to change that in the next month!

In April I read 5 ARCs, 8 paperbacks, 5 e-books, 5 hardcovers, 1 audiobook and 4 graphic novels. My average rating is a 4.4 and I read a total of 9,408 pages. Also, 3 books this month were re-reads! I’m definitely happy with this, so let’s talk about the books I read now.

House of Earth and Blood – Sarah J Maas

I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t my most anticipated release of the year! After loving her previous books, I definitely went into this one with lower expectations. It was going to be different, but I was excited. What a ride! This book was so good and the world was thought out so well. If it were up to me, I’d have the second book now!

The Shadows Between Us – Tricia Levenseller

After reading the first chapter I was hooked! The main character is so sassy and I loved every second of it. I thought the story was really interesting, but the end felt rushed to me a bit. As a standalone, I think it did a great job. It left me wanting more, but the main story was solved.

Fence Vol. 1 – C.S. Pacat

Isabelle loved this graphic novel and that made me curious! I ordered the first volume to read during the Magical Readathon. Fence was an interesting read. I don’t know much about fencing, but that didn’t seem to matter. This is definitely one I will be continuing with!

Deadly First Day – Emily Kazmierski

I love a good mystery and when combined with romance, I’m a happy reader. Deadly First Day takes place at a boarding school (one of my favorite settings) and after a student is mudered, there is an investigation. I loved all of the characters and even though I figured out who it was before the big reveal, I couldn’t put this one down.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder – Holly Jackson

This month was apparently the time for my to get back into mysteries. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder was another one I couldn’t put down. I didn’t always agree with the main character or how some of this played out, but I really loved it. The sequel is on my wishlist!

Loveboat, Taipei – Abigail Hing Wen

After a friend of mine read this and loved it, I needed to give this one a chance. Especially with it being a TBR & Beyond group read. I enjoyed the adventure the main character goes on and how much she grows and learns on her trip. I do wish the romance played out differently though!

Wildcard – Marie Lu

It was finally time to pick up the sequel to Warcross. Wildcard was actionpacked and had a lot of twists and turns I wasn’t expecting at all! I do wish there was a bit more character development and certain aspects went a bit too fast, but Wildcard was an enjoyable read.

My Lady Jane – Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Jodi Meadows

I actually read My Lady Jane awhile ago, but it was time for me to do a re-read. This was so much fun to read all over again and it reminded me why I loved this book a lot! I read along with the audiobook and definitely recommend it. The narrator is amazing!

Lifel1k3 – Jay Kristoff

Trul1f3 (the third and final book in this trilogy) releases in June, so I thought it was time to read the second book. It’s been over a year since I read Lifel1k3, so I decided to do a re-read to buddyread with a friend. Once again, this book is amazing and I’m happy I picked it up again, because I totally forgot the major reveal that takes place in this book.

Dev1at3 – Jay Kristoff

After reading Lifel1k3, I just had to continue with the sequel. Wow, what a book! This story is intense and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Jay Kristoff is an evil author, but I keep coming back for more. I really need Trul1f3, but I’m afraid to read it at the same time.

The Black Witch – Laurie Forest

Another re-read for me and even though I knew how intense and emotional it was, The Black Witch hit me in the feels all over again. I really think this is such an important book to read. I’ll be reading The Iron Flower soon, but I need to get ready emotionally for it!

Sawkill Girls – Claire Legrand

I’m not a big horror fan, but after reading a few horror books last year, I got curious. Sawkill Girls was on my list to try and I read it for the OWLs. I actually thought this was a really interesting concept and the atmosphere was creepy. The ending was a tad bit disappointing, but all in all a fun read.

Aru Shah and the Song of Death – Roshani Chokshi

Middlegrade May started a bit early for me with Aru Shah and the Song of Death. This story was everything I needed and more. The mythology and humor in this story was so much fun. If you’re looking for a new middle grade book to read, I definitely recommend this one!

Aurora Rising – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

This is a book I added to my shelves when it released last year. I can’t believe I waited so long to read it! This book was such a roller coaster. These authors aren’t nice to their characters, but it was an amazing ride. I can’t wait to read the sequel that releases next week.

Goodbye from Nowhere – Sara Zarr

April was a month I didn’t work much. With everything going on I work less and I had a full week off (which ended up being two weeks in the end), so I didn’t listen to audiobooks as much as normal. I did finish Goodbye from Nowhere though. This isn’t a book that’s actionpacked, but focuses a lot on family.

Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes – Roshani Chokshi

As you’ve seen a couple of books ago I read the second book in this series. Right after that I picked up the third book. This was another fun adventure, but I did enjoy it less than the sequel. It still made me laugh and I loved the characters. Also, this book left me wanting the fourth one now!

My Life as a Pop Album – LJ Evans

LJ Evans has quickly become a favorite author of mine and is another one that hits you in all the feels. She mixes music with amazing stories and chracters you can’t forget. Add a main character who loves books and tons of Harry Potter references and this is easily one of my favorites this year so far!

This Life with Cam – LJ Evans

This Life with Cam is a short story LJ added to the boxset of My Life as an Album series. I’m happy I read this after the first two books. It was once again something that hit me in all the feels and left me wanting more. I won’t ever get enough of these characters.

Giant Days Vol.4& Vol.5 – John Allison

I love that I started this series when it already has a lot relased. These three main characters are hilarious and it’s fun to follow their day to day lives. I can’t wait to continue with the following volumes.

Heavy Vinyl Vol. 1 – Carly Usdin

Isabelle suggested this one to me after reading it on Scribd. I had seen it when browsing, but wasn’t sure if it was for me. Heavy Vinyl turned out to be a really pleasant surprise! I really hope that we get more, because this wasn’t enough.

The Burning Sky – Sherry Thomas

The Burning Sky is an older fantasy book (released in 2013) and not one I had heard of before. A friend of mine was going to buddyread it with another friend and I decided to join. The story was really intersting and so was the world. It was definitely a first book. Some things were rushed and I have to say I had a hard time with her writing style at times. I do want to continue with this trilogy though.

Alma Underwood is Not a Kleptomaniac – Lacey Dailey

Alma Underwood is Not a Kleptomaniac is one I heard of awhile ago and it was recently free on Amazon. This was such a touching story and not at all what I was expecting. I definitely think this book is special and it needs a lot more attention than it’s gotten so far!

A Slice of Love – Teagan Hunter

If you’re looking for a fast, cute and fun read, definitely pick up  A Slice of Love. This is a novella in the Slice series and really cute. Novellas can be hit or miss for me, but I enjoyed this one. I loved it so much that I actually wish it was a full length novel.

Wild for You – Kendall Ryan

Wild for You is the next book in the Hot Jocks series and I think Grant is my favorite so far. This one is bit more intense and dark than the others, but still good! There were a few things I would’ve liked more of, but all in all, a fun read!

Fae’s Deception – M. Lynn & Melissa A. Craven

I’ve read books by both of these authors and have enjoyed them a lot. Fae’s Deception is the first book in a new series and a lot of fun! I loved the world and the references to books and things I love. The way things connected in this book was really well done. I can’t wait to start the sequel!

Lethal Queen Bee – Emily Kazmierski

Last month I read Deadly First Day and loved the setting and story. I couldn’t wait for the sequel to get to know these characters even more. Once again, it was really interesting to read this mystery and try and figure out who was behind everything. I didn’t figure it out before the reveal this time. I’m really looking forward to the third book!

Every Heart a Doorway – Seanan McGuire

I’ve been wanting to start this series for awhile, but just never got around to it. A friend of mine organized a readalong, so I finally sat down to read. I can honestly say that Every Heart a Doorway is not like anything I’ve ever read before. I’m impressed by how intense this story was and it was less than 200 pages.


After an incredible reading month in March, April fell a bit flat. Or so I thought haha. In the end I managed to read quite some books and I’m happy with my numbers.

In April I read 5 audiobooks, 7 graphic novels, 2 manga, 2 paperbacks and 1 ebook. My average rating is a 4.4 and I read a total of 4741 pages.

Brave Chef Brianna – Sam Sykes

I saw Candyce talking about this one and then found it on Scribd. So of course I had to read it right away. It was very enjoyable but I think it was a bit rushed and think it would work better as a series.

Harry Potter #5-7 – J.K. Rowling

I finished my reread of Harry Potter this month and honestly debated if I could start over again haha. These books are so comforting in times like these and I love them so so much. Also, the Stephen Fry audiobooks are amazing.

Quidditch Through the Ages – J.K. Rowling

To stay in the Harry Potter theme I listened to this audiobook. And they had a bonus scene I hadn’t read or heard before and it was amazing. I’m a big Quidditch fan and they included scenes from a Quidditch World Cup. So much fun!

Sadie – Courtney Summers

I finally picked this one up! It was one of my O.W.L.’s reads (we’ll do an update/end results post soon!). I listened to the audiobook and would highly recommend that one. This book features a podcast and they also put it on some podcasts platforms, so cool to listen to!

The Test – Sylvain Neuvel

I specifically got this book for the O.W.L.’s and was so happy to finally read it. This was one hell of a short story and I’m still thinking about it. I can’t wait to read more by this author, I’ve heard great things about his other books.

Middlewest – Skottie Young

This graphic novel had been on my TBR for quite a while and I finally read it! I loved Skottie’s other series but this one was a bit disappointing. At the moment I’m still debating if I want to read the sequel, I might see if I can read it on Scribd or something similar.

Elantris – Brandon Sanderson

I finally finished this beast haha. We started this book in February I believe, so it took me awhile. But it was so worth it! This book was wonderful and confirmed that Brandon Sanderson is amazing. I can’t wait to read the rest of his books.

Giant Days #11-#14 – John Allison

I finished the whole series! That was not something I was expecting to do this year haha. I really enjoyed the series and the characters. At first I wasn’t sure if I actually enjoyed it but somehow it really grew on me.

Heavy Vinyl vol 1 – Carly Usdin

Apparently I didn’t really know what this one was about before starting it but I was pleasantly surprised! It was a fun and quick read and I’m excited to read the sequel.

Every Heart a Doorway- Seanan McGuire

This was a reread for me and I still loved it so much. Some TBR and Beyond members are doing a group read of the whole series and I decided to join so I could discuss them with people. This is a wonderful series and I can’t wait to read the rest again.

Suisei no Gargantia vol 1 – Okeanosu

I was looking for a fast read that took place on sea or along a coast and Candyce’s boyfriend recommended me this manga! He watched the anime and really enjoyed it. It’s action packed and has a really fun plot! I’ll definitely continue with the series.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid vol 1 – Coolkyousinnjya

I was also looking for a fast read that features dragon haha. So Candyce’s boyfriend also recommended me this manga. This one was a bit confusing at times but also super funny! I didn’t like everything about the story but I might still continue as it had some great moments!

So that’s what we read this month! If you’ve read any of the books we have, we’d love to hear what you thought! What did you read this month? Anything we need to pick up soon? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Great selection of books read and I would happily have all of them on my TBR pile. I am looking forward to Elantris – I am reading the Well of Ascension now but I LOVE Sanderson. And I’ve been meaning to read Crescent city since it was published! Too many books and never enough time, right!?!?!

    Great wrap up post 🙂

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