Review| My Life as a Pop Album – LJ Evans

LJ Evans has quickly become one of my favorite authors and that all started out with My Life as a Country Album. She really hits you in all the feels and that doesn’t change at all during any of her books. After reading Jake and Cam’s story, I was worried that nothing would be able to beat that. I was wrong though, because Mia and Derek are really special as well. Keep on reading for my full review of the second book in this series, My Life as a Pop Album!

Review| My Life as a Pop Album – LJ Evans

"What if you are my dream?"

Guilt and failure hold me down until a sexy musician brings adventure...brings joy. But what will become of me when our adventure is done?

Good Girl Mia
feels guilty for her brother's death. It was her kidney that killed him, after all.
Four years later, Mia is back home, trying to pretend that she's got it all together. She's set to take over the family car dealership and is determined to never make her mama cry again. But she's also running from the guilt and a boy who never really loved her.

Derek Waters
has just signed with a record label and is determined to spend his summer touring with his band, far away from his alcoholic dad and the whole L.A. scene. Dealing with anyone of the female persuasion is the last thing on his mind.
When the soulful musician enters Mia's world, she finds herself setting aside everything she thought she wanted for an adventure she never saw coming. For some reason, she wants this gorgeous man to know her story. The story of a girl who gave a body part to save a brother that everyone wanted to survive more than the girl herself...and how that hadn't worked out.
But what will become of Good Girl Mia when their short-lived adventure is all over?
Inspired by Ed Sheeran love songs, comes a novel by award-winning author, LJ Evans,about forgiveness, love, and healing.
The My Life as an Album Series is a set of interconnected standalone novels.

My Life As A Pop Album (My Life as an Album #2) by L.J. Evans
on 30/03/2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 371
Format: eBook


Before I even start talking about this book, please understand that these can be read as standalones, but to truly understand all of the emotions in this one, you need to read My Life as a Country Album first. You won’t be disappointed. It’s just as good as this one and you’ll be happy to be able to understand Mia just a little bit better.

I don’t even know where to start with this review. Right from the beginning, I was sucked into this book and it didn’t let me go. My Life as a Pop Album hit me in the feels, I laughed, cried, swooned and just wanted these characters to live happily ever after. When I read the last page I sat ther with a big smile on my fave. LJ Evans has a way with words and I don’t think many authors can do what she does.

Mia is getting ready to take over her father’s car dealership and finish school. She has her life with her family and that’s all she needs. Except there’s so much more to Mia, because she’s still dealing with so much grief (read the first book in the series for the whole story). She’s not really letting herself heal though, because of the guilt she feels. Mia thinks she needs to be strong for her parents, because she’s all they have left.

I loved Mia so much. There was definitely an instant connection. When I read about book lovers, I can always relate. The way she described books and how she used them to describe things was just perfect. Mia could definitely be a friend if she was real, haha. This story was such an incredible journey for her though. Slowly the walls she built up got peeled away and she finally had to deal with what she was feeling. By doing so, she got to feel so much more though. I loved her emotional journey and how she let herself open up to so many new things even though her brain was screaming that she needed to be “good” Mia.

And then there was Derek. He’s a singer in a band and from the start, Mia describes him as a book boyfriend. Honestly, if I ran into a Derek in real life, I probably would too. Even though I was only reading about him, I can picture his smile. Derek has definitely made his way to the top of the list of book boyfriends. He’s sweet, caring, protective and seems to see right through someone. Even if they’re doing their best to keep things hidden. And for a singer, he’s so down to earth.

Add Derek and Mia together and that brought a big smile to my face. They really were made for each other. The connection was there from the start and they really bring out the best in each other. Derek gets Mia to slowly open up and let herself try new things and maybe even truly be herself instead of how she thinks she needs to be. I loved how things developed between them. I can’t give too much away, because you really need to experience this for yourself. It will definitely leave a smile on your face.

Besides this amazing love story, we get an amazing crew of characters. Derek’s band members are so much fun and the characters we came to love in the first book do make an appearance as well. Add Jane the kitten and this cast was complete. I’m normally someone who needs a dual POV, but I don’t feel like I missed a thing with only one in this story. Also, something else makes this book really special. Each chapter is the title of an Ed Sheeran song. I listened to the playlist while reading and it was perfect. When music and words combine this way, I’m a very happy reader!

Favorite Quotes

I normally put a few quotes in my review, but this book had so many amazing ones that I couldn’t choose. That’s definitely a compliment to the book, but I’m sure you’ll understand when you see the quotes I loved.

“While I was a sweaty puddle, he looked like a Jamie McGuire book boyfriend come to life.”


“He sounded just like he looked: sultry and intoxicating.”


“I was a book girl, and words were like a drug to me. They could bring me under with a well-positioned adjective. His song was like that, drawing me under.”


“Where was Ginny Weasley’s wand and an obliviate spell when I needed one?”


“It was surprising that I didn’t keep over dead right there, because this gorgeous man was going to read to me from my favorite book? In that sexy-as-sin voice? I guess fairytales do come true.”


“And for the first time in a long time, I was still smiling when I entered my dreams.”


“God, you’re so damn beautifully heartbreaking,” he said gently.”


“And if I ended up hurt, well, that would be okay, because even though the wounds would bleed, the words that we sang together with our skin touching, those words would stay inside the pages that were left behind.”


“Derek was just like me. It made my love for him swell, even as it made me hurt, because I was afraid we were both going to end up even more broken when this was all done.”

“As Ed payed in my playlist, I let myself have a tiny bit of hope that he was right, and that after Derek’s ans my horizons had me and our scars had bleed into one another, that the stars would guide us to a place where we could be together once more.”


“Do you love him?”
“More than words.”
“That’s a lot coming from the book girl.”

I finished reading this book a few days ago and can’t stop thinking about it. My Life as a Pop Album definitely left an impression, just like the first book did. Part of me wants to dive right in to the next book, but I know I have two more and don’t want it to be over just yet. What was the last book you read that hit you in all the feels? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Oh boy oh boy! This book looks a treat! I am adding this to my TBR right now, such a great review Candyce, I can’t wait to read book 1 and 2 to find out what I think too!

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