Review| Fae’s Deception – M. Lynn & Melissa A. Craven

I love fantasy and faeries are always fun to read about. So I didn’t have to take a lot of time to decide to give Fae’s Deception a try. This is the first book in the Queens of the Fae series and it was a lot of fun. Keep on reading for my full review!

A big thanks to the authors for providing me with an ARC to read and review.

Brea Robinson is a murderer. That’s what everyone tells her when she’s accused of killing her best friend. Her mother always claimed she belonged in a straitjacket. Turns out, she was right.
When the man with flashing violet eyes whisks her through a portal into a world beyond her imagination, a world vicious in its beauty and wicked in its lies, Brea begins to wonder if she was ever crazy at all. Every hallucination she’s ever had is real, but this new world has its own set of lies and questions.Why are three royals prepared to battle over her? Who is Griffin O’Shea, and why did he abduct her? And does falling in love with a man trapping her in this deadly land mean she really has lost her mind after all? There is only one thing Brea knows: She can’t trust anything.
Not her mind.
Not her heart.
And certainly not the Fae who claims he’s trying to keep her safe.


“If this was a fairytale world, the bed would have been as soft as clouds and she’d have been awakened by singing birds instead of a roaring storm.”

Fae’s Deception started off a bit slow for me and it took me a bit to really be sucked in, but I think that’s because I was really trying to figure out how the prologue fit in with the story. I eventually figured it out and I have to say I love how the authors gave this book a bit of a twist. Once I got sucked in, I couldn’t put it down and fell in love with the world and characters these authors have created for us.

Brea has been in and out of trouble her whole life and recently ended up in the hospital. She sees things and people think she’s crazy. Her only light in this world is her best friend Myles. Except when he ends up injured and she even believes he’s dead, he world is falling apart. That’s when she’s taken to a different world and her whole life is turned upside down.

“Her life went from psych wards and high school to adventure and romance in record time.”

It’s clear Brea has been through a lot and it’s really hard. She’s even starting to believe she is crazy like everyone else. From the start I really felt for her, but I thought she was such a strong character. Especially when she ends up in a whole new world. I definitely wouldn’t have stayed as calm as she did. Brea fights for her life and it’s clear she’s trying to figure out who to trust and her place in this new world.

Fae’s Deception is a great mix of fantasy and the world we all know. I loved the adventure of her discovering the magic of the fae. The world is described beautifully and really makes me want to take a visit. The authors gave us a great world and amazing side characters. I honestly didn’t know who to trust. There are tiny twists and turns that really kept me on my toes. What I loved the most was also the references to books and things in our world that I love. I definitely laughed a few times. Brea has such an interesting journey and I can’t wait to see how it continues.

“If this was a fairytale, Brea Robinson had to be both damsel and the knight, because there was no one left to come for her.”

I really hope we get a bit more of a glimpse of Myles and how that will play out. I need just a bit more about that. Also, I’m looking forward to getting to know some of the amazing cast of side characters better. I have a feeling we haven’t seen anything yet!

Fae’s Deception was a lot of fun and I’m excited about reading the next book. What are some of your favorite books with faeries? Let me know in the comments!

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