Review| Be Not Far From Me – Mindy McGinnis

Mindy McGinnis is an author I’ve heard a lot of positive things about, but I just haven’t had the chance to pick up one of her books. That was until her newest release, Be Not Far From Me, was put on Storytel. After hearing so many amazing things about this author, I decided to listen to this audiobook. Today I’m going to give you my thoughts about this book.

Review| Be Not Far From Me – Mindy McGinnis

The world is not tame.
Ashley knows this truth deep in her bones, more at home with trees overhead than a roof. So when she goes hiking in the Smokies with her friends for a night of partying, the falling dark and creaking trees are second nature to her. But people are not tame either. And when Ashley catches her boyfriend with another girl, drunken rage sends her running into the night, stopped only by a nasty fall into a ravine. Morning brings the realization that she's alone - and far off trail. Lost in undisturbed forest and with nothing but the clothes on her back, Ashley must figure out how to survive despite the red streak of infection creeping up her leg.

Be Not Far From Me by Mindy McGinnis
Published by Katherine Tegen Books on 03/03/2020
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 240
Format: Audiobook


Survival stories aren’t something I’ve read a lot of and if I think about it, there’s only one previous book that comes to mind. Not because they don’t interest me, but they don’t all appeal to me I guess? Be Not Far From Me is definitely one that caught me eye and I had a feeling it was going to be an intense ride and needless to say I was right!

I would like to start off and say that this may not be an easy book to read. Ashley’s survival story is anything but easy and things happen that aren’t pleasant. The author doesn’t try and hide anything and describes what this character goes through step for step. Be Not Far From Me won’t be a book for everyone.

Okay, back to the story. Our main character Ashley is on a trip with her friends in the Smokies. Things seem to be going okay until she discovers her boyfriend cheating on her. In shock, Ashley runs. Unfortunately, she falls and things don’t look good after that. She’s pretty injured and has no way to contact her friends. This would definitely be my worst nightmare.

“Living things will fight to stay that way.”

Be Not Far From Me is Ashley’s fight to survive. I loved that every chapter was a day in her fight to get home. Not only do we learn how she’s trying to fight, but also get to know more about her. I love the things she thinks about and her memories. She learns a lot about herself in these days she’s all alone. I liked Ashley from the start. She’s so strong and I love that she has the knowledge you need to have when hiking in the woods. I know this definitely played a part in her staying alive.

It was nice seeing a strong female lead in a situation that would easily lead to a lot of people just laying there thinking they’re done for. Even when in so much pain and knowing she may lose her foot/leg, Ashley doesn’t give up. Everyday she sets a goal and works for it. The author made me really care for her and I felt every emotion she was going through. I can’t even imagine how scared I would’ve been. Also, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to make some of the painfully difficult choices she did while all alone.

Also, I loved that the author kept the ending realistic. Things weren’t magically all good again and there was a lot of consequences. All in all, this book was really good and I need to read more by this author ASAP!

Be Not Far From Me was one intense read and the audiobook had me on the edge of my seat. The narrator did an amazing job. I know for sure this won’t be my last Mindy McGinnis book! If you’ve read any of this author’s books, let me know what your favorites were in the comments. Also, I’d love more survival book recommendations, because this was definitely a ride!

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  1. Great review Candyce, this one has been on my list for a while, I’ll have to get to it soon!

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