Show Sunday | Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3

This Friday the 3 part of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was released on Netflix. And of course I did my very best to watch it all in one day haha. This is one of my absolute favorite shows at the moment so there was no way I wouldn’t be watching it. Of course I also had to write this post right away, so let’s get into it!
There will be spoilers for the first two parts

In a Royal Update I shared the music clip that was a teaser trailer for this 3 part of CAOS. And I just have to put it up here again because it is probably my favorite teaser trailer for anything ever made. It’s such a fun and clever idea and I kept listening to that song from the moment it dropped until I was able to watch the actual episodes haha.

A little bit later we were also blessed with a full trailer. Luckily that was only about a week in advance because there was so much happening and I could hardly contain my excitement haha. I don’t think I can convey how much I love this tv show. It’s witchy, it’s dark, it has wonderful characters I love with all my heart and one of my favorite ships of all time (#Nabrina).

We start this season of with Sabrina trying to get Nick back from Hell. She also has to deal with the consequences of trapping Lucifer. We get 8 episodes, which was of course way to short for me because I love it. But a lot happened in these episodes. The focus on getting Nick from Hell doesn’t last that long and I think it went a bit quick and ‘easy’. I did love the aftermath of everything Nick went trough. For me it seemed very realistic (as far as all of this can be realistic) that he had to deal with all of that and that it wasn’t all magically fixed. Don’t get me wrong, I kept yelling at my screen for Nick not to do this or not to do that. But I still adore him and did like this portrayal.

A big part of the season was about the Pagans, something I really enjoyed. It was fun trying to guess who the characters were supposed to be and I loved recognizing them right before their names were revealed. I thought this storyline was interesting and enjoyable. Another big part was Sabrina dealing with the politics in Hell. And that was probably one of my favorite things this season. It was not what Sabrina was expecting but you could see her enjoying it.

We got some new characters this season and my favorite was Mambo Marie for sure! She was a great addition to the cast and I would love to see a lot more of her. I’m still a bit on the fence about Robin, I’m not completely sure what to think about him and I might have to rewatch everything to see how I feel. And you can bet I will be rewatching everything at least before we get part 4 haha. Another fun new character was Caliban. I loved to hate this gorgeous creature!

All in all this were 8 amazing episodes. I think part 2 is still my favorite part but this one was still super good. It’s going to be so interesting to see the repercussions of that final episode and I hope we won’t have to wait too long for part 4 since it was all filmed back to back. Hopefully there will be more after that or I have to rewatched those 4 parts over and over.

Have you watched the new episodes yet? And what did you think? Would you like an in-depth review for all the episodes (with spoilers). Tell me about it in the comments!

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