Review| The Bridesmaid and the Jerk – Kayla Tirrell & Daphne James Huff

If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you know I’m a big fan of contemporary books! Kayla Tirrell and Daphne James Huff have already worked on a few series together, but The Bridesmaid and the Jerk is their first step away from young adult together. Today I want to tell you a bit about this book and of course share my review.

A big thanks to the authors for providing me with an ARC to read and review!

It’s lights, cameras and action at the Emerald Inn!

After years as a struggling actress, Sienna Hudson finally gets a leading role in a television series. Too bad it’s a reality show for her sister’s wedding. Once filming starts, Sienna decides to use Wedding Games to catch the eye of the show’s producer and launch her career to the next level.

Fox Wilson learned the harsh realities of being in the spotlight when he was young, and has avoided it ever since. But when his best friend plans a reality show wedding and asks him to be his best man, he reluctantly agrees.

When Fox and Sienna are pitted against each other in every competition, tensions run high, and attractions run higher.

Can Fox and Sienna see past the reality show drama and take a chance on love? Or will one of them end up getting played?

Tune into Wedding Games, the reality show packed with drama, surprises, and…romance.


“Basically, it had been the opposite of acting. She’d been herself with him. And she wasn’t sure what to think about that.”

These two authors have written quite a few books I’ve absolutely loved and I’m happy to say I can add The Bridesmaid and the Jerk to this list. This book is the first book in the Wedding Games series and after reading it in one sitting, it left me wanting more.

Sienna is trying her hardest to make a career as an actress and it hasn’t worked that well. She’s going to be on TV, because her sister is participating in a reality show for her sister’s wedding. Even though Sienna knows it’s going to be a disaster, she knows her sister wants this and who knows if she’ll be able to impress a producer along the way.

“It wasn’t that he didn’t want to enjoy life – or have fun. He’d just seen too much. Experienced too much. And if something felt too good to be true, then it probably was.”

Fox is the groom’s best friend and the best man. Even though the last thing he wants is to be in the spotlights once again, he’ll do this to make his best friend happy. The spotlights didn’t treat Fox well, so this is the last thing he wants to do!

The Bridesmaid and the Jerk is the perfect combination of romance, comedy, drama and maybe even finding yourself along the way. Fox and Sienna do not like each other at all and enemies to lovers is my favorite trope. Add a producer who sees this and wants to play with it and you get a lot of funny moments. The different challenges leading up to the wedding are really funny and I have to say that Wedding Games is a reality show I would just have to sit and watch.

“Five minutes ago, Sienna had been the most beautiful girl in the world. Five minutes ago, he’d felt brave for the first time in over a decade. A lot could change in five minutes.”

Even though Fox and Sienna aren’t the couple getting married, I loved reading how they interacted with each other. They both have a certain impression about the other and it’s clear that they’re both very wrong. As they slowly start to get to know each other, things get interesting. I loved that the authors gave these characters more of a story than just the romance and reality show. Fox and Sienna both have things to figure out and the show and their “fighting” definitely helps them along the way. I also really appreciated that this romance didn’t feel like insta-love. Yes, they’re attracted to each other, but everything leading up to them felt natural.

On top of Fox and Sienna, the other characters were a lot of fun! I need to know more about them all and I hope they all get their own story. And I have to say, books like this can be pretty predictable, but these authors wrote an ending I did NOT see coming! I need the sequel now! The Bridesmaid and the Jerk is the perfect start to a new series and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Even though I don’t watch reality TV that often (except for baking shows, haha), I would definitely watch Wedding Games. Would you ever participate in a show like this? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Review| The Bridesmaid and the Jerk – Kayla Tirrell & Daphne James Huff

  1. “tensions run high, and attractions run higher.” AHHHH!! I LOVEE WHEN THIS HAPPENSSS!! ????❤️❤️❤️

    I am SOOO GLAD you enjoyed this one and from the looks of it, it does sound very enjoyable indeed! PLUS I AM IN LOVE WOTH TAHT TITLE! ????

    AMAZING REVIEW, Candyce!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️?????☔️

    1. Thank you <3!
      Yes, it was very enjoyable and the title is amazing!!

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