Bookish Item| Netgalley Backlist Part 3

One of my reading goals this year is to get my Netgalley feedback ratio up to 80%. It’s the end of October and I’m still at 62% as I’m typing this, haha. So it’s not going exactly as planned. I’ve talked about my Netgalley Backlist before (Part 1 was written by Isabelle and Part 2 has been posted by me in July) and I thought it was time to make another post. Remind myself about the books I need to get to. Let’s take a look!

Out of the 121 books i’ve been approved for, I’ve sent feedback for 74 of them! That means I still have 47 books to go. That’s seven more books than I had in July when I posted the last post about my backlist. Today I’ll talk about six of the books I still need to read.

Seventh Born – Monica Sanz

As a big fan of fantasy books this one definitely caught my attention. I’m sure it has a lot of the typical cliches most YA books do, but I’m excited about reading this one. A few friends have given it four stars, so that sounds promising!

When Summer Ends – Jessica Pennington

I’m actually just about done with When Summer Ends. Once again, I was really far and was distracted by other books. Jessica Pennington is an amazing writer and even though I’m not done yet, I would definitely recommend this book! Her characters are unique.

Just for Clicks – Kara McDowell

I can’t imagine what it’s like growing up with a mom that blogs about everything you do. Being famous before you’re even old enough to know what’s going on isn’t pressure any teenager really wants. I think this will be a really interesting read.

Starworld – Audrey Coulthurst & Paula Garner

I’m a big fan of books told through online messages or text messages. Starworld sounds like it’s going to be a hard book to read, but a really good one. On top of that, look at this stunning cover! Both of these authors are new to me and I hope to add them to the list of authors I keep an eye on.

Cursed – Karol Ruth Silverstein

I’m actually surprised I haven’t read this one yet, because after reading about it I was really excited. Cursed is an own voices book and has a main character that is diagnosed with a painful chronic illness. I love that YA books are becoming more diverse and include characters that don’t have “perfect” lives.

Friend or Fiction – Abby Cooper

I love middle grade books, because of the lessons they teach kids. Friend or Fiction sounds like another really important lesson. Our main character is having a difficult time dealing with the things going in her life. The perfect best friend she imagined comes to life and Jade learns that things aren’t always what they seem. No one is perfect!

These are all books that I’m really looking forward to reading. Once again, so many books so little time! If you’ve read any of these already, I’d love to know your thoughts. I’m hoping to get my feedback ratio up really soon. Anyone else struggle getting it to 80%?

10 thoughts on “Bookish Item| Netgalley Backlist Part 3

  1. Since I have only had netgalley for a month or so I only have 20 something approved but I did get to 80% (determined to stay there and be productive) but then immediately dropped to 70% as requests came in as approved! ?? Great netgalley list! look forward to seeing your views on them !

    1. Yes, Netgalley is amazing, but sometimes it’s a battle to keep up. I really want to make it my goal to get to the 80%!

      1. Love netgalley (even if I do request too much sometimes) – it is definitely a battle- i’m beginning to see that now ?! That’s a good goal-good luck!

  2. This looks like a pretty fun backlist, TBH. I’m right there with you though. I definitely need to get it together and catch up on NetGalley…

    1. It’s hard, because they constantly add amazing new titles.

  3. I’ve never heard of any of these books, but they look like interesting reads! I’ll have to look into em’ (and probably add them to my never-ending to-read list, hahaha).

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