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O M G, that Riverdale season finale!! I absolutely loved that episode and can’t believe we have to wait until October. So to make the wait a little bit easier I wanted to give some book recommendations based on Riverdale. I was inspired by this video by Super Space Chick and plan on doing this for other tv shows as well!

There are the obvious recommendations of allll the Riverdale comics (here are a couple of mini reviews for some that I’ve read). And there’s also the prequel book, Riverdale: The Day Before for which I participated in the blog tour. But today I want to recommend books based on some of our favorite characters! So let’s get into it. Beware, there will be some minor spoilers for Riverdale.

Archie – To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Now stay with me for this one, because I know it’s a bit of a stretch haha. Archie was by far the hardest for me to pick a book for but I decided to go with To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. This is one of my absolute favorite contemporary reads and I adore the movie. I’m also super excited for the second movie! But back to Archie, he has quite the dating life on Riverdale, his teacher, Valerie, Josie, Veronica and he even kissed Betty. With so many interesting love interests, but only one or two that seem actual options I see a parallel to Lara Jean from TATBILB.

Betty – Dare You to Lie

One of my favorite books I read last year was Dare You to Lie by Amber Lynn Natusch. Amber wrote this book to help with her Veronica Mars withdrawal so if you’re a fan of that show you should definitely pick up Dare You to Lie. I paired this one with Betty because I see some parallels with Kylene, the main character. The obvious thing being, they’re both blond but they’re also both badass girls. They stick up for their friends and don’t take no for an answers. Both Betty and Kyle go to the extreme to find out the truth and I really enjoy watching and reading about these girls.

Jughead – Truly Devious

I absolutely love Jughead, and could watch his scenes over and over. Especially THAT scene from season 1, putting on a jacket has never been so hot haha. Juggy loves researching mysteries in Riverdale and that makes him like Stevie from Truly Devious. Maureen Johnson wrote a very interesting opening novel to her Truly Devious series and the sequel was equally shocking. I cannot wait for the third book in this series after we got a major cliffhanger in The Vanishing Stair. Kinda like that Riverdale cliffhanger 😉

Veronica – Little White Lies 

I have mixed feeling about Veronica and I’m still not completely sure as to how I feel about her. My feelings on Little White Lies however are very clear, Jennifer Lynn Barnes is one of my favorite authors and did was a 4,5 star read for me. I enjoyed this story a lot and I can’t wait for the sequel. Like Veronica and Hiram, there are some toxic father-daughter moments in this book and I hope they will be explored even more in the sequel. Sawyer, the main character didn’t grow up in high society but dives right in during debutante season, something I could see Veronica attend easily!

Cheryl – Pretty Girls

My problem for Cheryl was that I had too many recommendations! I had such trouble picking one of them haha. But I decided to go with Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter. Karin Slaughter is my favorite mystery/thriller author and would love to recommend all of her books, Pretty Girls is a standalone so an easy manner to try her work. This book is brutal and definitely not for everyone but I think it fits Cheryl quite well. Cheryl’s family is not what it seems and I think that’s a theme explored in this book as well. We also have some badass female characters in Pretty Girls and Cheryl is arguably the most badass person in Riverdale.

Kevin – The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Kevin is a great character on the show and I think he deserves more time. I’m pretty happy with his last scene in the finale and can’t wait to see what’s next. But while Kevin is a part of the group, he’s also on the outside. He just tries to live his life even though Archie, Betty, Jughead and Veronica bring all this shit into their lives. So I immediately thought of The Rest of Us Just Live Here. The premise for this book is pretty cool and unique and I liked it a lot. In the Rest of Us Just Live Here we follow our main characters that aren’t the hero of the ‘the one’ storyline that’s going on in the back. Kevin deserves to be the main character in his own story as well.

Josie – This Song Will Save Your Life

I think we’ve probably seen the last of Josie with her joining the new show Katy Keene but I did want to do a recommendation for her. Josie isn’t that interesting to me personally, but I do love to hear her sing and I’m curious to see how she’ll do in the Katy Keene show. Her music is the most important thing for her and that reminded me of Elise from This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales. I think I read this book in one day and wish more people would read it.

So these are some of the books I would recommend to you all based on some favorite Riverdale characters. I adore that show, yes even after this season and I hope these books will help with the inevitable withdrawal symptoms 😉 Do you watch Riverdale? And have you read any of these books? Let me know in the comments!

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