Mini Reviews | Riverdale: The Ties That Bind & Monstress vol. 3 & Quincredible vol. 1

I’ve been reading some graphic novels recently and I thought it would be great to do some more mini reviews for them. While I love reading graphic novels and I like to talk about them, I usually don’t have enough to say for a normal sized review. So I like to do it this way! Today I’ll be talking about 2 eARC’s and one graphic novel I owned myself. Let’s jump in! Continue reading “Mini Reviews | Riverdale: The Ties That Bind & Monstress vol. 3 & Quincredible vol. 1”

Bookish Item | Recommendations Based on Riverdale

O M G, that Riverdale season finale!! I absolutely loved that episode and can’t believe we have to wait until October. So to make the wait a little bit easier I wanted to give some book recommendations based on Riverdale. I was inspired by this video by Super Space Chick and plan on doing this for other tv shows as well!

There are the obvious recommendations of allll the Riverdale comics (here are a couple of mini reviews for some that I’ve read). And there’s also the prequel book, Riverdale: The Day Before for which I participated in the blog tour. But today I want to recommend books based on some of our favorite characters! So let’s get into it. Beware, there will be some minor spoilers for Riverdale. Continue reading “Bookish Item | Recommendations Based on Riverdale”

Review | The Archies and Other Stories – Matthew Rosenberg

One of the books Candyce gifted me for my birthday was the bind-up comic The Archies and Other Stories. I had seen this one at Barnes & Nobles about a year ago or so and was immediately intrigued. The cover art and colors grabbed my attention and I’m a fan of all things Riverdale so I had to have this one. I’m so grateful Candyce decided to gift me this one! And obviously I had to read it right away haha. So let’s get into my thoughts. Continue reading “Review | The Archies and Other Stories – Matthew Rosenberg”

Blog Tour | Riverdale: The Day Before – Micol Ostow

I’m a big fan of the Riverdale tv show so when I saw the announcement for the blog tour for Riverdale: The Day Before I knew I had to jump on that chance. When you know these characters so well, it’s interesting to see how they do on paper. So I was super excited to see what the author did with their stories.

Thanks to the publisher and The Fantastic Flying Book Club I get to be part of this blog tour and read a digital copy of the book. Keep on reading to find out my thoughts on Riverdale: The Day Before! Continue reading “Blog Tour | Riverdale: The Day Before – Micol Ostow”

Mini reviews | Archie comics edition

In honour of Riverdale returning for its second season I wanted to share my thoughts on the comics from the Archie-verse I’ve read so far. I started these comics after I watch the first couple of episodes of Riverdale. I just couldn’t get enough of this world and wanted more! That’s when I found the new Archie comics. There will be 5 different comics I believe. Obviously there’s Archie, but we also get Jughead, Betty&Veronica, Reggie&Me, and Josie and The Pussycats. Lets take a look at the comics I’ve read. Continue reading “Mini reviews | Archie comics edition”