Bookish Item | Poetry Collections on my Wishlist

Last week I shared my review of Diary of a Romantica vol. 1 by Celia Martinez, the first poetry collection I’ve read in a while. Lately I’ve been enjoying consuming poetry a lot. I both listen to poems (mostly via TikTok), read them online and now read them in a physical collection again. And I’ve added a couple poetry collections to my wishlist, so I thought it would be fun to share that wishlist with you today. Let’s dive in! Continue reading “Bookish Item | Poetry Collections on my Wishlist”

Review | Diary of a Romantica vol. I – Celia Martinez

A bit of a different kind of review today! It’s been a while since I read a poetry collection but I’ve been enjoying poetry on TikTok a lot lately. So I decided to treat myself to Diary of a Romantica by Celia Martinez. And today I wanted to share my thoughts, so let’s jump in!
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Mini Reviews | Poetry Edition

I don’t read a lot of poetry, to be exact I think I’ve read 5 poetry collections in recent years. But I do really enjoy them every now and then. Especially these what I believe to be more modern poetry collections draw my attention. I’m not one to analyze poems, so I like to understand them right away. This definitely is something that factors into my enjoyment of a poetry collection. For today I wanted to talk about two poetry collections, but do keep in mind I’m pretty much a newbie in this genre.  Continue reading “Mini Reviews | Poetry Edition”