Review | Diary of a Romantica vol. I – Celia Martinez

A bit of a different kind of review today! It’s been a while since I read a poetry collection but I’ve been enjoying poetry on TikTok a lot lately. So I decided to treat myself to Diary of a Romantica by Celia Martinez. And today I wanted to share my thoughts, so let’s jump in!

 We present the debut poetry (e)book from the viral social media phenom, Celia (ceis) Martínez AKA diaryofaromantica (on Instagram) and powerhouseofthecel (on TikTok). From the head and heart of the hopeful romantica Yale alumna, “diary of a romantica, vol. I” brings to life part one of the poetic journey of falling in love.

I watch a lot of Celia’s videos on TikTok and absolutely adore her poetry. As you can see the poems are all about love and I can really relate to a lot of them. I think poetry is super hard to review as it might be even more subjective than regular books. But I can tell you that these poems hit hard for me!

There are some Spanish poems in between the English ones as that is Celia’s native language. And you can really hear her voice and how she grew up because of the words she uses. In between the poems there is also art, really beautiful pages with lovely colors. I love looking at those!

As soon as I read this poetry collection I knew I had to highlight some of the poems. So now there are a ton of tabs in my book haha. I already added the second volume to my wishlist, I absolutely need it in my life.

Celia really inspired me with her poetry. I saved so many of her videos and I’m really glad I have a physical copy of her poems. And I even started to write some poems myself. It has been a lot of fun trying to play with words and sentences and put my emotions on a page that way.

I would highly recommend checking out this poetry collection if you enjoy poetry. And look up Celia on instagram or tiktok to see what her poetry is like. I am so happy I supported her by buying her book and hope she becomes incredibly successful! If you have any poetry collections you want to recommend to me, I would be very grateful.

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