Fangirl’s Favorites | Mini Disney Haul

About a week and a half ago I went to Disneyland Paris for 2 days. Together with my brother I visited my favorite place on earth for about the fifteenth time or so haha. The weather was wonderful and since it was still summer holiday time, it was quite busy. But we managed to do all the rides we wanted too and got to do a bit of shopping as well. And of course I wanted to show you what I got! I was a really good girl and hardly got anything, but I’m going back this November and I plan on getting some more then 😉 Continue reading “Fangirl’s Favorites | Mini Disney Haul”

Bookish Item | April Merch Haul

I love bookish merch and all kinds of goodies! But I have been buying way too much over the last couple of years so I tried to slow down a little. However, last month I have been yet again buying a couple of things haha. It’s not a lot but there are some really nice and cute things I have accumulated that I love to share with you all! So let’s get into my April merch haul. Continue reading “Bookish Item | April Merch Haul”