Bookish Item | April Merch Haul

I love bookish merch and all kinds of goodies! But I have been buying way too much over the last couple of years so I tried to slow down a little. However, last month I have been yet again buying a couple of things haha. It’s not a lot but there are some really nice and cute things I have accumulated that I love to share with you all! So let’s get into my April merch haul. Continue reading “Bookish Item | April Merch Haul”

Bookish Item| Signed Books

As a booklover, a signed book by an author I love is a perfect thing to me. That being said it can be hard when living in Europe to get signed books. One, authors don’t come here very often or when they do it’s somewhere else in Europe. Or it’s too expensive to have a book shipped here. In the last year I have managed to get a nice collection of signed books.

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