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I love bookish merch and all kinds of goodies! But I have been buying way too much over the last couple of years so I tried to slow down a little. However, last month I have been yet again buying a couple of things haha. It’s not a lot but there are some really nice and cute things I have accumulated that I love to share with you all! So let’s get into my April merch haul.

Illumicrate has recently started a pin club with gorgeous enamel pins being created by Fable & Black each month. I adore enamel pins so obviously I kept my eyes on them. Unfortunately the first couple of fandoms weren’t ones I read yet so I decided to be smart and not buy all of them haha. But then they announced they were doing a series of Harry Potter related pins! All of the horcruxes will be turned into pins and I can’t pass on those. So I bought the first one and will keep my eyes out for the rest.

This first one is the Slytherin locket and it’s absolutely beautiful! I’m so happy I bought it and I can’t wait to get the next ones. The next pin they announced was one for Wicked Saints. Candyce and I recently read Wicked Saints and absolutely loved it, you can find our review here. So that was another obvious one for me haha. I just had to have it!

Isn’t this beautiful? I’m very happy I got this one as well. It is a perfect addition to my collection!

So after getting these gorgeous pins, I found out HappyHelloCo was having a sale. And I can never get enough magnetic bookmarks. The HappyHelloCo bookmarks are some of the most gorgeous ones out there but I somehow don’t have that much of them. Which is pretty weird to me haha. So I corrected that and bought a couple!

Look at these cuties!! I think I shared these on my bookish goodies wishlist a while ago and I finally got them. Fred and George are one of my fav Harry Potter characters (with Fred being my absolute number 1 , I think haha) and I couldn’t believe I didn’t have them as books marks. But now I do, YAY!

Next up is one I already teased in an Instagram story, my girl Sabrina from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (aka one of my favorite shows ever).

Look at how perfect she is! And she has Salem with her <3. So cute!! I’m so very happy I got my hands on this one. Now I just have to wait forever for Part 3 of the tv show haha.

And lastly, I found these cuties! After loving Fangirl, I had to read Carry On. And I really loved Simon and Baz. It won’t be long now before we get Wayward Son and I need to have them as bookmarks to read that book 😉

Simon and Baz are perfect! Another great addition to my collection. I adore the little suit Baz is wearing. And looking at this and thinking about these characters gets me so so so excited for Wayward Son!

So these were my bookish goodies I accumulated last month! Would you like to see a merch haul more often? Let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Bookish Item | April Merch Haul

    1. Thank you! I adore magnetic bookmarks so so much haha. Definitely check out HappyHelloCo!

    1. I’m so in love with all of these! It’s so hard to hold back every month haha

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