Show Sunday | Game of Thrones Finale Predictions

Tonight is THE night! After we invested years into Game of Thrones we will know how it all ends. I first read all the books and I think I got into the tv show between season 3 and 4. Since then I’ve been a big fan and I’m both excited for the finale and really sad it will all end tonight! While the finale airs tonight in the US, I will be watching it Monday morning because I’m in the Netherlands. But you can bet its the first thing I will do once I wake up! I have a couple of predictions for what will happen in the finale so let’s get into that! Obviously there will be spoilers for everything leading up to the finale! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Game of Thrones Finale Predictions”

Tag | Game of Thrones Book Tag

Like almost everyone I know I watch Game of Thrones every week and I can’t wait for the last two episodes! It has been an incredible ride and the show is on my mind almost non stop haha. So when I saw Melanie from TBR and Beyond do this Game of Thrones Book Tag, I knew I had to do it as well! The tag was created by Biblio Nyan. Let’s get into it! Continue reading “Tag | Game of Thrones Book Tag”