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Tonight is THE night! After we invested years into Game of Thrones we will know how it all ends. I first read all the books and I think I got into the tv show between season 3 and 4. Since then I’ve been a big fan and I’m both excited for the finale and really sad it will all end tonight! While the finale airs tonight in the US, I will be watching it Monday morning because I’m in the Netherlands. But you can bet its the first thing I will do once I wake up! I have a couple of predictions for what will happen in the finale so let’s get into that! Obviously there will be spoilers for everything leading up to the finale!

Arya will kill Daenerys

Yes I’m completely falling for the ‘brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes’ here but I can definitely see this happening. It might be too much to put on Arya, she already saved everyone by killing the Night King after all. But I’m she see hasn’t been training to be this badass assassin with the faces to only use it at the house of Frey. I would love to see her use another face, although I’m not sure on whose it will be. And I actually like that, hopefully it will be a shocker. I don’t think it will be Grey Worm’s face because:

Grey Worm will die

I’m convinced Grey Worm will die protecting Daenerys, and it will all be for nothing. Grey Worm clearly doesn’t have that much left to live for, he went into Kings Landing not caring wether he would live or die. After losing Missandei (RIP) I kind of like the idea of him dying and them being together in the after life.

Jon will be King

The whole Game of Thrones story feels like it resolves around Jon, he is arguably the most important character and everything is set up for him to take the throne. And while he doesn’t want it, I do think he’ll end up King. However, he will also split the seven realms back up into smaller territories or with their own rulers. And that way we also get:

Sansa will be Queen in the North

She deserves happiness and would be such a good ruler! Sansa has evolved so much since we met her, I could never predicted this journey for her. With Jon on the Iron Throne I feel like she needs to be the ruler in the North and since I hope Jon will give the territories more say she will be kind of ‘Queen’. And we can all agree she is an actual Queen 😉

Sam will write the book A Song of Ice and Fire

This has been a pretty popular theory and I can totally see this happening! Sam is such a wonderful character but he’s never been a fighter. It’s actually a bit unrealistic that he survived the battle at Winterfell to be honest so I hope that’s because he still has some purpose. And that can only be one thing, he will write down the history of Jon aka A Song of Ice and Fire (both a Stark and a Targaryen).

These are some of my predictions! Now I’m not really any good at this and it’s the first time I wrote some down haha. I know there are a ton of people who can give you a ton of evidence for certain theories but I just wanted to have some fun. Do you have any predictions for the Game of Thrones finale? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Show Sunday | Game of Thrones Finale Predictions

  1. I cant wait either! I have to wait until after work tomorrow! We have a bet going on in work about who will take the iron throne and my guess is Bran!

  2. I agree about Jon becoming ruler, but I think instead of arranging queen/kings of the seven territories he’s going to establish a parliament with representation from each of the seven areas with the King only acting to mediate disputes. It’s also possible that the monarchy could be disbanded all together, but I feel like that change would be more drastic and less plausible.

  3. You know, I never did watch the show nor have I finished book 1. I think I might watch the series in reruns I have no idea. Who knows. Everyone knows what happens but me,

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