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Like almost everyone I know I watch Game of Thrones every week and I can’t wait for the last two episodes! It has been an incredible ride and the show is on my mind almost non stop haha. So when I saw Melanie from TBR and Beyond do this Game of Thrones Book Tag, I knew I had to do it as well! The tag was created by Biblio Nyan. Let’s get into it!

When I started reading the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast I was definitely enjoying the story. But the further I got in this series, and looking back at the earlier books, I realize this series wasn’t good at all. By the end I got super annoyed by the way the story got dragged out andI wouldn’t recommend this series to anyone!

So obviously I’m going for my most anticipated release of 2019 and not 2017 haha. After setting that straight, I have to have a long hard think about what exactly is my most anticipated release. This is always such a hard question! I think I will go with Five Dark Fates, the conclusion to the Three Dark Crown series. I adore this series so much and I can’t wait to find out how Kendare Blake will end this series.

The last book I read that absolutely slayed it was Red, White & Royal Blue, as you hopefully read in our buddy review. I adored this book and it gave my so many feelings! For the last fantasy book that completely slayed, I have to agree with Melanie: Wicked Saints. This debut by Emily A. Duncan is amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel!

I don’t really get pissed off by cliffhangers actually haha. At least, not with books, since usually you will eventually get the sequel. With tv shows unfortunately that’s not always the case. I’ve watched quite some shows with killer cliffhangers, only to have them canceled. Two favorites that come to mind are The Secret Circle and Revolution. I adored both tv shows, but they both ended with cliffhangers after being cancelled. If I have to pick a book cliffhanger I think I’ll have to go with Empire of Storms. That cliffhanger was killer and the next book didn’t give us any answers!! We had to wait two years and that was HARD haha. And yes, I know, two years is nothing compared to other series, but still.

I have been wanting to read Bitten by Kelley Armstrong forever and I’ve owned the ebook for so long as well! This book series has been turned into a tv show and I adored that one a lot. So obviously I need to go and just read the books, hopefully they’re as good as the show! We all know, that’s usually the case so I’m very excited.

That will be all of Karin Slaughters books haha. She is my absolute favorite thriller author and I will read everything she writes. Her books are very graphic and disturbing. Some of the scenes she wrote I can still remember after I read it years ago. Karin can write these gruesome scenes so well and I love her stories.

Is is cheating if I say Harry Potter? Because it’s pretty much true! And I reread hardly anything else to be honest. I do plan on rereading more books, it’s such a source of enjoyment for me. Unfortunately I don’t really give myself permission to reread often, or at least, I didn’t. But lately I’ve been trying to be better at it and hopefully I will be rereading more. Last year Candyce and I reread the complete Throne of Glass series and that was an incredible experience. So here’s to many more rereads.

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