Show Sunday | Elite season 3

Last week season 3 of Elite was released. I wrote a post about both the first and the second season right after watching those. Of course I planned on watching the third season as soon as it released! And I watched it all in no time at all haha. I’m a bit sad because I finished it so quickly, but I just couldn’t help myself. So let’s talk about it!
Since this is a post about season 3, there will be spoilers about the first two seasons so beware! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Elite season 3”

Show Sunday | Elite season 2

About two weeks ago the second season of Elite was released. And of course I had to watch it right away haha. I ended up watching the whole second season in 2 days, I think I watched the first season in 2 days as well haha. And today I want to talk to you all about this Spanish Netflix show. So let’s get in to it! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Elite season 2”