Bookhaul | January 2021

The first month of the year is already done! We can’t believe how quick that went, but it’s already February. So today we want to talk about all the new books we got in January. The year just started, did we manage to stick to our goals or did we go all out and buy a ton of books? Let’s take a look!


January was another good bookish month and there were definitely a few more books added my to collection that originally planned (oops..). I’ve been doing really good reading backlist books (which you’ll read more about tomorrow), so I only have 4 more unread books on my shelves than last month. In January I added 14 books to my shelves. Out of these books, 5 were from Isabelle for Christmas. You can see those here. If I look at the other books I bought 8 of them and received one for a book tour. It did help that I still had some gift cards from Christmas, but okay, let’s take a look!

White Trash Warlocks – David R. Slayton

This is the physical book I received for a February blog tour. White Trash Warlock was recommended for fans of Supernatural, so how could I resist. I’m very grateful that the author sent me a paperback. At the moment I just started this one and am about a third in. It’s really interesting so far!

Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow – Jessica Townsend

As you know if you’ve been following the blog, I’m really enjoying middle grade books. Nevermoor is definitely one of my favorite series and I finally got my hands on the third and most recent book. Isabelle and I want to buddyread this one soon!

My Favorite Half-Night Stand – Christina Lauren

I’ve really been enjoying this author duo and they have quite a few books I haven’t read. My Favorite Half-Night Stand is one I recently saw while watching booktube videos and it sounds like so much fun. I love when books have parts that are with chatting or e-mails, so online dating is definitely an interesting concept.

The Betrayals – Bridget Collins

Look at this stunning cover! I read The Binding by this author this month and loved it, so I’m so glad I have this on my shelf. I’m really hoping it’s just as good as The Binding. If you’re looking for unique stories I definitely suggest this author.

The Replacement Crush – Lisa Brown Roberts

I’m actually surprised it took me this long to buy The Replacement Crush. I’ve seen this book quite often the past few years and I know it has quite a few book references. This one will definitely be on my TBR soon.

A Rogue of One’s Own – Evie Dunmore

A Rogue of One’s Own is the second book in the League of Extraordinary Women and I love these covers. I’ll be reading both this and the first book, Bringing Down the Duke, next month for the TBR and Beyond group read.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet & A Closed and Common Orbit – Becky Chambers

I’ve seen this series everywhere since the first book was released in 2014. The cover is stunning and the story does sound like something I’ll enjoy. Isabelle is a big fan of the first one and I’m going to catch up to where she is, so we can buddyread the rest together.

Middlegame – Seanan McGuire

The Wayward Children series is what introduced me to this author’s writing and I’m hooked. Middlegame released in 2019 and I’ve been so curious about it. What a better way to use part of my gift card than to buy a book that has me really curious.



I did a pretty good job this month! Candyce and I did Christmas gift boxes for each other but didn’t exchange them until January. So I got a couple of new books that way. We already wrote an unboxing post about those books so I’m not going to mention them here again. But I did get another book, so let’s take a look at that!

Legendborn – Tracy Deonn

Candyce had two copies of this gorgeous book, not the first time that happens to her haha, and she kindly gifted this one to me. I didn’t add it in with the box of books she got me because this was separate and I liked having at least one book in this bookhaul ;). This book got really good reviews so I’m very excited to pick it up.

These were all the new books we got in January! Did you get any new books this month? And have you read any of the books we got? Tell us about it in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Bookhaul | January 2021

  1. I’ve read My Favorite Half-Night Stand and two other Christina Lauren books. I read Twice in a Blue Moon by them last month, and it’s probably my favorite thus far.

  2. Amazing haul! I have seen a lot of people reading White Trash Warlock this week and it looks really well reviewed. Glad you’re enjoying it! Legendborn is on my list as well, can’t wait to read it.

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