Unboxing | Christmas Gift Boxes 2020

We love making little book boxes for each other and normally do that twice a year. Once for our birthdays (which are just a day apart) and the other we do for Christmas. This year was a different year, but we still wanted to have fun. So we decided to do Christmas Gift Boxes again this year. If you want to see what we got for each other, keep on reading!


It’s always hard making a wishlist. I can always think of so many books I want until I have to write them down, haha. In the end I was able to make a list and Isabelle chose so amazing books. Let’s see what she got me!

Spellbreaker – Charlie N. Holmberg

I remember seeing this book and loving the cover. Apparently you have to have a license to use magic, so that can be very interesting. The sequel is releasing soon, so I need to add this to my TBR in the near future. Hoping I love it as much as I think I will.

The Midnight Library – Matt Haig

This is a book I’ve been seeing everywhere lately. The Midnight Library is getting a lot of good reviews and I have to say I’m intrigued. I don’t know if I’d want to read a book that tells me what the rest of my life will be like or what would happen in a different reality.

The Priory of the Orange Tree – Samantha Shannon

Wow this book is big! I knew it was 800 pages, but it’s still different when you’re actually holding it. I read the first book in The Bone Season series and did enjoy it. The Priory of the Orange Tree also sounds like it’s right up my alley. Isabelle and I will be doing a buddyread of this one in 2021 (hopefully!).

Pet – Akwaeke Emezi

Again, Pet is another book I’ve seen everywhere and hear nothing but amazing things about. This isn’t a long book, so I don’t expect it taking very long to read. Isabelle owns this one as well, so another perfect buddyread. I have a feeling this will be a unique story.

The Good Girls – Claire Eliza Bartlett

Lately I’ve been really enjoying mysteries/thrillers. When I read about The Good Girls I knew I needed this story. It’s going to be interesting to try and solve the murder along with the main characters. And it’s going to be another buddyread with Isabelle. We have a lot to read together.

Harry Potter Bag

I actually have this, but a bit smaller and use it as a pencil case. This one is a bit bigger, so I may just have to put all of my markers and such in it. Will save a lot of space in one of my drawers! Isabelle actually got this for Christmas 2019, but it just took time for an opportunity to give it to me.

Content Planner for Bloggers

I really thought this was such a fun gift! Isabelle also got one for herself. It’s a planner for a year and has places to set goals and even plan a lot of posts. We’ve never tried using something like this before, but I think it could be a really helpful thing. And just look how cute it is!


Like Candyce I always struggle with making a list! But all of a sudden I got into the groove of it and I think I added about 20 books to the wishlist haha. I do not envy Candyce for having to choose a couple of books from that list ;). But she did a great job and I’m so happy with all that she got me. There was actually supposed to be more but postal services have been struggling. So at some point I’ll also get a bookmark and I can’t wait to see it. Candyce always finds me the most gorgeous bookmarks so I’m sure this will be another perfect pick.

The Future of Another Timeline – Annalee Newitz

I love the cover of this one! This has been on my list for quite a while and I’m super excited to finally have it. I love books that have to do with time travel, it just intrigues me so much. The reviews are pretty decent and I think I will really like this one.

The Dragon Republic – R.F. Kuang

I LOVED The Poppy War and actually got an eARC of The Dragon Republic last year. But I was afraid to read it haha. The Poppy War was so brutal and their also pretty thick books. However, the last book in the trilogy is already out and I really want to read the whole series. So this is definitely on my list for the year!

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue – V.E. Schwab

Victoria is one of my favorite authors out there and I didn’t own her newest book yet! I do have an eARC of this wonderful book but I definitely needed this on my shelves. At the moment I’m still reading the ebook but I think I’ll switch to the physical version.

‘the Book Dutchesses’ candle

The picture is a bit dark but I hope you can still see it. This is the cutest thing ever! Candyce got me a custom made ‘the Book Dutchesses’ candle. It smells so good! I love it and I can’t wait to actually use it. It’s so cool to have this <3

Uprooted mug – Illumicrate

Candyce knows how much I love Uprooted by Naomi Novik so when she got a mug in her Illumicrate she decided she was giving it to me. I love this mug so much! Illumicrate does an amazing job on their mugs and I have a couple more. This one is gorgeous and actually makes me want to reread Uprooted. Or should I finally read Spinning Silver?

So that’s what we got this year! What do you think of these books? If you’ve read any of these, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Or are any of these on your TBR?

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    1. I really hope we all end up loving The Good Girls & Addie LaRue!!
      And isn’t that candle the best gift? Can’t wait to use it 🙂

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