Bookish Item | 2020 Reading Goals: End of the Year Update

Every year we set goals for our reading and reviewing for the year to come. Recently we shared our 2021 reading goals with you all. And today we wanted to tell you how we ended up doing on our 2020 reading goals. Did we reach all our goals? Let’s dive in our end of the year update and find out!


Last year I set up five reading goals for myself. I knew some of them may be a bit harder to do, but I’m definitely determined to reach them one day. If you’ve read our 2021 reading goals you’ll know which ones I mean, haha. I completed a couple of goals, but definitely have to work on a few others.

Goodreads For the past few years I’ve been setting my Goodreads goal to 200. I made 300 in 2019 (with the help of some novellas and graphic novels), but I knew that would be a bit of a stretch. At the end of the year I was up to 252 books. My reading was all over the place though. It’s clear in this chart that I had a lot of time on my hands the first few months of the pandemic.

Netgalley The past few years my goal has been to get my Netgalley feedback ration up to 80%. When I wrote my goals last year I was at 57%. Let’s just say 2020 didn’t go well for my Netgalley ratio. I really do want to get this up, so I hope to work hard in 2021!

Physical TBR/Backlist Books Okay, so I didn’t actually make my physical TBR smaller. I did manage to read more physical books though. Out of my 252 books 72 were either hardcovers or paperbacks. That’s definitely a big difference than last year, so I’m very happy. Also, I didn’t read 50 backlist books (I read 20 books that were on my shelf before 2020), but definitely a lot more than in 2019! I’m getting there.

ARCs Like I said before it’s very tempting to request ARCs and join blog tours. It’s one of the things I love being about a blogger. Promoting new authors is so much fun! That being said I was out of control in 2019. I think at least 60% of the books I read were ARCs. This year I did better. Yes, as you can see in the image above I read quite a bit. Out of the books I read 34% of them were ARCs. That’s a lot better than 2019 and I hope to continue this in 2021.

Series I’m still terrible at finishing series, haha. Don’t get me wrong I really want to. I just get easily distracted. And sometimes it takes time before I get my hands on a book. In 2020 I managed to finish 6 series I started before the beginning of the year. Not as much as I wanted to, but at least I got half of them done!


I set six goals for myself last year and I thought all of them would be obtainable. This year has been really crazy and I’ll admit I haven’t been paying attention to all of my reading goals. Let’s see if I did reach some or if this year was a bit of a failure reading wise ;).

Goodreads Every year I set my Goodreads goals and it’s also the one I consistently meet. Unfortunately that was not the case this year. I set my goal at a 100 books and I ‘only’ read 98. So close but not quite there haha. Some people have been reading more thanks to the lockdown but I actually read less. I read almost half of the books I read this year in the first 4 months. So I guess I was reading a lot during the first lockdown but after April I really slowed down. I did still read some amazing books and I’m very happy with. Like I said, this has been a crazy year so I can’t really be mad about this.

Physical TBR My TBR keeps on growing every year and my main goal was for my TBR to be lower at the end of the year than it was at the start of the year. I started the year with 240 books and I ended the year with 238! So I’m very proud to say I actually managed to reach this goal. My second goal was for my TBR to be below 200 but that was not happening haha. Hopefully I can make a dent in that TBR this year!

Backlist Books To help me with the previous goal I also set a goal regarding my backlist books. I count a book as a backlist book when I owned it before the year started, so any book I got during the year didn’t count for this goal. My goal was to read 60 backlist books and I really thought I would make that happen…. I ended up reading 18. Nowhere near close haha. It would be great if this year was going to be different but I’m not that optimistic anymore haha.

Big Books I have a ton of big books on my shelves and I’ll admit I’m a bit intimidated by them. So I set myself the goal of reading 12 books with over 500 pages. And they couldn’t be rereads. I reread Harry Potter almost every year and that’s 4 big books already so that wouldn’t be fair. This year I started off great but in the end I only read 8 big books. I’ll say it’s not that bad and I’m happy with the books I read. But it would’ve been great if I managed to actually read 12. Maybe in 2021 ;).

Finish Series I start so many series! Nowadays almost every book seems to be a part of a series and while I love it, it also means I am in the middle of so many series. And in 2020 I wanted to finish 12 of them. I have a couple of series where I only need to read 1 book to finish the series. This year I managed to finish 4 series… And one of them I also started in 2020. It’s quite sad haha. For 2021 Candyce and I are planning some buddy reads that will help us finish more series!

Write Reviews I usually wait too long before I start to write a review and then I just leave it because I can’t write a detailed review anymore. So I wanted to make notes for every book and write at least one review per week. I didn’t actually do that. But I did take notes for a lot of reads and I wrote more reviews than I ever did. For so many books in our favorites lists I managed to write a review and I reviewed almost all of the books I read from late July until the end of November. I’m so proud of that! Hopefully I can keep that up this year.

This was our wrap up for our 2020 reading goals. Not everything went according to plan but we already set new goals for 2021. While we read for fun, it is nice to try and challenge yourself every now and then. And that is why we set these goals! Did you meet your 2020 reading goals? Let us know down below!

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