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Last week Isabelle posted her review for the Chasing Starlight book tour and today it’s my turn. I really enjoyed Teri Bailey Black’s book A Girl at the Grave, so was excited when she announced this one! Chasing Starlight takes place in Hollywood and it interesting to dive into the world of glitz and glamour. There’s definitely more to this story though. Keep on reading!

A big thanks to TBR and Beyond Tours for hosting this tour and the publisher for providing an e-arc!

Movies, mansions, and murder in the Golden Age of Hollywood! Teri Bailey Black’s Chasing Starlight is a historical mystery from the award-winning author of the Thriller Award for Best Young Adult Novel.

  1. The Golden Age of Hollywood. Palm trees and movie stars. Film studios pumping out musicals, westerns, and gangster films at a furious pace. Everyone wants to be a star―except society girl and aspiring astronomer Kate Hildebrand, who’d rather study them in the night sky. She’s already famous after a childhood tragedy turned her into a newspaper headline. What she craves is stability.

But when Kate has to move to Hollywood to live with her washed-up silent film star grandfather, she walks into a murder scene and finds herself on the front page again. She suspects one of the young men boarding in her grandfather’s run-down mansion is the killer―maybe even her grandfather. She searches for clues.

Now, Kate must discover the killer while working on the set of a musical―and falling in love. Will her stars align so she can catch the murderer and live the dream in Old Hollywood? Or will she find that she’s just chasing starlight?

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Hollywood is something that’s always interested me and more so in the early days of movies. So the fact that Chasing Starlight takes place at the end of the 1930’s, I knew it would be fun. I really feel that the author did her research on this time and I loved the references to the bigger names in the spotlight at that time. Also the way the characters talked and the phrases they used were very fitting!

Chasing Starlight started out a bit slow for me and it took me a second to figure out where the story was going. Once it got there though, this book was a page turner. I needed to keep on reading, because I really started liking the characters and needed to know who the murderer was. I loved that there was a split between Kate helping on the movie set and the murder mystery side of the book. I feel it fit well together. Trying to figure out who did it was one of my favorite parts about reading and I didn’t expect it to be who it was in the end. I’m normally good at guessing, so this was a nice surprise!

The characters in this story are pretty likable (for the most part). Kate was an interesting one. She didn’t have the easiest childhood and had a lot of trauma to deal with. Also, being shipped off to the grandfather you barely talk to, because your aunt’s getting married is pretty rude. Kate didn’t let that stop her though and she was determined to still follow her dreams. I feel she really gets stronger and and overcomes a lot during this book.

The cast of side characters were also a lot of fun. I adored Hugo and Ollie. They made me laugh and I really enjoyed reading about them. The other boarders and Bonnie were interesting as well and all of these characters definitely added to this amazing story. I do wish some of them got a bit more depth, but all in all, they definitely completed the puzzle.

Favorite Quotes

While reading I highlighted a few quotes that jumped out at me! Here are few of my favorites:

“You’ll be a formidable little god by the time I’m done with you.”

“She bit her lower lip, aware that taking advantage of Glenn’s romantic interest to see an observatory wasn’t a very nice thing to do. Also aware that she would probably do it anyway.”


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About the Author

Teri Bailey Black grew up near the beach in southern California in a large, quirky family with no television or junk food, but an abundance of books and art supplies. She’s happiest when she’s creating things, whether it’s with words, fabric, or digging in the garden. She makes an amazing chocolate cherry cake—frequently. She and her husband have four children and live in Orange County, California.

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I really enjoyed Chasing Starlight and will be keeping an eye on Teri Bailey Black. I really hope she writes more for us soon! If you’re a fan of mysteries and historical fiction, I definitely recommend this book.

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