Looking Back At Our Bookhauls | January 2019

It’s that time of month again to look back at one of our previous bookhauls. This month it’s time for January 2019. The month after Christmas, so it could still be a big haul! Let’s take a look! What books have we read since adding them to our TBR?


These posts are always quite interesting, because I’m never sure how much of my haul I’ve actually read since I bought or received them. In January 2019, I added 7 books to my collection, but did I read any of them? I’m just as curious as you are.

A Curious Beginning – Deanna Raybourn

This is a book I actually started reading, but once again was distracted! I got about 70 pages in I think, but I did enjoy what I read. A Curious Beginning is on my TBR for this year though. I know the next book in this series comes out this year, but I don’t know if it’s the final book or not.


Song of the Dead – Sarah Glenn Marsh

Song of the Dead was the second book in this duology and was a fun read. Unfortunately, I didn’t like it as much as the first book. For me this would’ve been better with more than two books. A lot had to happen in the second book to end everything and it felt rushed at times.


Daughter of the Pirate King – Tricia Levenseller

This is another book I really need to get to this year. Warrior of the Wild was a pleasant surprise last year and definitely makes me want to read more by this author. Including her book coming out this month!


The Serpent King – Jeff Zentner

Another unread book unfortunately, haha. I have three books by this author on my shelves, so I think I need to marathon all three. People I know really enjoy reading books by Jeff Zentner and I’m hoping to enjoy them just as much.


Click’d -Tamara Ireland Stone

2020 really needs to be a year for middle grade books for me. I have quite a few unread ones on my shelf. Click’d still sounds like it’s going to be a cute and fun read. The sequel is hopefully out in paperback by now, so I can read them back to back!


Keeper of the Lost Cities – Shannon Messenger

As I just said, I really need to make 2020 a middle grade focused year. There are so many interesting ones I want and need to read. Keeper of the Lost Cities is a series I hear nothing but amazing things! The books also continue to get bigger and I like that very much.


Blood Laws – Lexi C. Foss

I actually bought this, because I was supposed to meet the author, but ended up getting sick. Blood Laws was such a good book though and I read it in one sitting! The world and characters were amazing. I have the next four in this series, so I can keep going with the series.


End Result:
Read: 2/7 – 29%
TBR: 5/7 – 71%



I was a very good girl last year in January. My goals were still fresh in my mind haha. I only got 4 new books and all of them were sequels to series I was already reading. Will this be the first ‘looking back’ at a bookhaul I completely read? Lets dive in!

Magisterium 4&5 – Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

I read these MG books back to back in May for MG May! This was such a great way to finally get to some of my unread MG books. I listened to them on audio and enjoyed the whole story a lot. The series is compared to Harry Potter but it took a completely different route than Harry Potter did.

Saga vol. 4 – Brian K. Vaughan

Another one I read! And I’m currently up to date with the series after finishing the last 4 issues this month. This graphic novel series is such a great ride and it’s no wonder everyone raves about it. I would recommend it and I think it’s a great series to get started on graphic novels.

Gangsta 4 – Kohske

This is one of the only adult manga I read and I absolutely love the series! I’m happy to say I already read this one as well. There are currently 8 volumes out and I hope to collect them soon. It’s been awhile since the 8 one released and there doesn’t seem to be a date for number 9 yet so I hope it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger haha.

End Result:
Read: 4/4 – 100%
TBR: 0/4 – 0%

Can you believe I actually read all of the books from this bookhaul? Because I sure can’t haha!

So this was another interesting looking back at our bookhaul! Have you read any of the books we haven’t gotten to yet? Let us know in the comments which we need to read first.


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