Show Sunday | Favorite 2019 Tv Shows part 1

Apart from all the books we read, we also watch a ton of tv shows. So these 2019 favorites posts wouldn’t be complete without our favorite tv shows of the year. Today is my turn and next Sunday Candyce will share her favorite shows. I have a ton to talk about because I watch wayyyy to much, so let’s get into it!

Prodigal Son
Prodigal Son was probably my favorite new tv show this fall! This was such a great dark detective kind of show. I loved the characters a lot and there was a super interesting mystery going on. This one involves a serial killer and his son and honestly that was all it took for me!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
I think this is currently one of my absolute favorite show ever! Between Christmas and New Years Eve I rewatched both seasons in anticipation of the third season coming out next week. I love this show so so much, it has magic, it’s pretty dark and gruesome, has gorgeous people and one of my favorite ships. Also, have you seen that videoclip/trailer for part 3? Best this ever!

Legacies made it to my favorites list last year and I’m happy to say the second season was equally amazing. I love being back in this world and I’m thinking about rewatching The Vampires Diaries and The Originals since I just can’t wait for more episodes. The characters are wonderful, I love all the relationships, especially all the friendships.

One Day At A Time
I was so incredibly sad when I heard this one got cancelled! While this is a comedy, and a hilarious one at that, it also deals with very important topics. This show managed to make me cry both of laughter and just because of all the feels. I’m so happy it found a new home and can’t wait for the new episodes this year!

While I haven’t watched all the episodes I simply had to include this show. I wasn’t sure after watching the trailer if I would enjoy it enough to follow. Turns out I absolutely loved it! This show is super funny but has some serious undertones. I also really like the characters, especially Cole Sibus as Ansel Parios. He plays the main character’s brother and has Down syndrome. Cole is a great addition to the cast and Ansel is such a wonderful character.

Wow! What a show! I was hooked with the trailer and the show definitely delivered. This sci-fi show is super interesting and follows a great cast of characters. I do hope the writers have figured out the ‘endgame’ yet because the one thing that could ruin this show is a shitty explanation for all that is going on. For now though, I’m highly enjoying this.

Bluff City Law
To be honest, I’m gutted this one got canceled! It was an amazing lawyer show which some much heart. I’m a big fan of the small town setting and the cases these lawyers took on are great. But I think the dynamics between all the characters is what made this a truly amazing show. I’m so sad this didn’t get another change. Unfortunately I have to go looking for another good lawyer show, so I’m open for recommendations ūüėČ

Grand Hotel
This is such a fun drama show and I’m super sad it got canceled. I remember seeing the trailer for this one almost a year ago and I kept checking when it would air. As soon as I watched the first episode, I was drawn in! I haven’t been able to watch the last two or so episodes yet because by then I knew it was canceled. This show is based on a Spanish show and I did start watching that one so hopefully that will be a good replacement.

The Code
I have pretty bad luck with my favorite shows, as this is another one that got canceled after one season. This was a military lawyer show and another amazing one. Not all of the storylines were super original but the cases were great. I also really loved the characters and I’m sad to see them go.

Nancy Drew
This is another top contender for my current favorite shows and I’m happy to say this one did get renewed for a second season. When I started watching this, I wasn’t aware it was supernatural so I was a bit surprised by what I saw. But I’m so happy they went this way! We get some great smaller mysteries and two interesting big mysteries. I also love most of the characters and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Alexa & Katie
I don’t think anyone expected this show to be on here. And to be honest, I haven’t heard anyone talk about it. But I hope that changes! The third season was released on Netflix just before the year was over, making this a contender for the list. I started watching this last year on a whim, and I got an amazing show! It’s mostly a comedy but it the main character does have cancer so it also has a serious undertone.

HSM The Musical: The Series 
To be honest, this started off pretty bad. But it still managed to draw me back in for more. And in the end I watched every episode as soon as it released and I enjoyed it a lot! It was so fun so see and I liked all the parallels to the original movie. I like this as an easy to watch and digest show with some great numbers in there. You can bet I will be watching the second season!

This series is so incredibly underrated! It’s a Netflix show about a boy with autism and his family. I know one other person who watches this and that is not nearly enough. We got the third season in November and I hope we’ll be getting a fourth! All of the main characters had their own distinct storylines. While I’m not autistic, this felt like an accurate representation of a person with autism. Of course there isn’t one way to portray autism, there are so many different people with different ways of having autism but I did like the different aspects we got to see.

The Politician 
I didn’t really have high hopes for The Politician to be honest. But I didn’t have any plans one weekend and decided to give this one a try. And I didn’t stop watching until I hit the end of the first season. I have also been listening to a couple of the songs from the show non stop since then. This show took a different direction than I was expecting and I don’t think I can even accurately describe it! I’m just sad we have to wait until June for the second season.

Fuller House
We got the first half of the final season this December and I enjoyed it a lot! This comedy is just a ton of fun and I love all the little reminders of Full House. DJ, Kimmy and Stephanie are hilarious, and especially whenever they interact with each other. I’m also very happy with their current partners and I can’t wait to see the last half of the final season. It’s going to be so sad for it to be over, but I’m sure they’re going out with a bang!

The Rook
The Rook was one of my last reads of 2018 and I adored it a lot! I was super excited to find out it was turned into a tv show. While the show doesn’t really follow the same storyline as the book, it did make for a great show. I also shipped people together I didn’t expect to ship! This is a bit of a slower show but it’s really good. Hopefully it will be renewed for a second season.

Sex Education 
This show was simply 
hilarious! I’m so happy the second season airs this Friday. Sex Education is super awkward and super funny. I also really liked the characters. If I’m being honest, I don’t have that much to say about it haha. It was simply a great show and I watched it in no time at all!

Jane the Virgin
This year we got the final season of Jane the Virgin. I can’t believe it’s over! We got 5 wonderful seasons and I bingwatched most of them haha. This was such a great American version of a telenovela with some of the best characters on tv ever. I got the exact finale I wanted and I’m so happy how it all turned out. It was super satisfying and I loved seeing who the narrator was <3

The Big Bang Theory
Another final season! The Big Bang Theory has been going on for years but it went out with a bang! I really enjoyed this last season. It was hilarious but I also shed quite some tears haha. The last episode was perfect to me and I can’t believe the journey we went on with these characters. They all grew so much and I’m a got to see it all.

PLL: The Perfectionists
And the last canceled show of this list. This is a spin off of Pretty Little Liars, one of my favorite shows. I really enjoyed this new show, it had the PLL feel we love but with college-aged characters. We also got Mona and Alison which was great. Mona is such a wonderful character and I’m sad this was our goodbye. This show also had a big cliffhanger and I’m mad we will never get answers!

After being canceled, Netflix picked Lucifer up and their first season was probably the best one up the date! I adore this show a lot and I can’t wait for the next season. Unfortunately that will be the last season, but since it was announced I hope will get a satisfying ending. The storyline is great and the characters make it even better. I have very high hopes for the last season!

I can believe I just talked about 21 shows!! There was simply none I could cut from this list haha. Have you watched any of these shows? And what was our favorite show this year? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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